Collective Bargaining Agreement Database


The Maine Labor Relations Board is developing a database of Maine’s public-sector collective bargaining agreements.  The goal of this resource is to assist labor organizations and employers during contract negotiations by providing access to other contracts involving similarly situated parties.  Once the database is established, parties in negotiations will be able to compare the relevant contracts from the database to their own bargaining proposals or use them to develop new proposals.

The database location can be found on the MLRB’s homepage in the right-hand column under the heading “COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AGREEMENTS.”  The contracts will be organized by the general type of work the contract covers, as follows:

    • Administrative and Clerical
    • Corrections
    • Dispatch
    • Fire and Ambulance
    • Law Enforcement
    • Public Works
    • Schools

We need your help to make this database work!  We’ve created the space for the database, now we need the actual contracts.  To ensure the database is useful - by including as many active contracts as possible - we are requesting that Maine’s public-sector unions and employers email the MLRB with copies of all active, non-expired contracts

Submitting a contract is an easy 3-step process:

  1. Under the homepage’s “Collective Bargaining Agreements” heading, click the “Submit CBA” link.  This will open an email that is automatically addressed to the MLRB.
  2. Attach your contract(s) to the email.
  3. Send the email.

Thank you all in advance for your assistance and cooperation in helping to establish the CBA database!  We hope this proves to be a long-term resource.