MLRB Internet Bulletin Board

Petitions Filed

A copy of every petition filed at the Board is posted on the MLRB Bulletin Board. Petitions are used to request a Board hearing in order to establish a new bargaining unit or to alter an existing one. Petitions may also be filed to request that the Board conduct a bargaining agent election to either certify a union or association as the bargaining representative for the unit or to decertify a union.

Notices of Unit Hearings and Scheduling Letters for Prohibited Practice Complaints

When the Board schedules an evidentiary hearing to resolve an issue regarding the composition of a bargaining unit, the employer is provided notices of the hearing to post at the work place. These notices are also posted on the MLRB Bulletin Board.

If the Board schedules an evidentiary hearing for a Prohibited Practice Complaint, the parties are sent a letter with the date and time for the hearing. This letter is also posted on the MLRB's Bulletin Board.

Notices of Elections

The Board provides detailed notices whenever a bargaining agent election is scheduled. The employer must post the election notice at the work site and it is also posted on the MLRB's Bulletin Board. These notices tell the affected employees when the ballots will be mailed and what to do if a ballot is not received.

Election Certifications

Election Certifications are the Board's official results of the mail-ballot election to either certify or decertify a bargaining agent. The Certification shows the number eligible voters, the number of votes cast, and the certified outcome.

Notices of Unit Agreements, Voluntary Recognition, Disclaimers and Revocation of Certification

An employer and a union may agree on the jobs that should be included in a bargaining unit and will file an "Agreement on Appropriate Unit" with the MLRB. Sometimes an employer may voluntarily recognize a union as the exclusive bargaining agent for an established unit. In either case, the MLRB issues notices that the employer must post at the worksite. These notices are also posted on the MLRB's Bulletin Board.

A "Disclaimer" may occur after a collective bargaining agreement has expired and the union no longer wishes to represent the bargaining unit. A "Revocation" of certification may occur after there has been no activity in a bargaining unit for several years.

Search for a Posting

The website now includes the ability to search for recent postings. The database of postings includes information on matters filed since 2011. When conducting a search, you must select either "Recent items" or "Archived items". An item will be archived one year after the last action on that item. For example, with an election petition, the last action would be the date of the election certification.

It is not possible to search both recent items and archived items at the same time.