Notices of Unit Hearings and Hearings on Prohibited Practice Complaints

After a petition is filed with the Board seeking to establish or modify a bargaining unit, an evidentiary hearing is scheduled to resolve the issue. Notices of these hearings are provided to the employer for posting in the workplace and links to copies of these notices are provided below. Sometimes a hearing is not necessary because the parties come to an agreement on the make up of the bargaining unit.

If a prohibited practice complaint is filed and an evidentiary hearing is necessary, the parties will be notified by mail of the date and time of the evidentiary hearing. Copies of these letters are provided below.

Hearing Notices are archived after one year.

Type of Unit Hearing Notice Parties Date of Petition + Link to Written Decision

Notice of Hearing, Bath Professional Firefighters Unit, Local 1611 IAFF, for hearing on December 17, 2019

City of Bath, Bath Firefighters Unit, Bath Fire Officers Unit, Local 1611 IAFF

November 4, 2019

Notice of Hearing, Winthrop Professional EMS Providers Unit, for hearing on August 14, 2019

Town of Winthrop, Winthrop Professional EMP Providers, IAFF Local 5176

May 3, 2019

Notice of Hearing, Oxford County Sheriff's Department CID Unit, for hearing on March 22, 2018

Teamsters Local Union No. 340, County of Oxford

December 21, 2017

Notice of Unit Determination Hearing, Eliot Town Office Unit, for hearing on February 7, 2018

Teamsters Local Union No. 340, Town of Eliot

November 21, 2017

Prohibited Practice Case Number Parties Date of Notice + Link to Written Decision

20-PPC-09, Scheduling Letter, for hearing on June 18, 2020

Don Juan Moses, AFSCME Council 93

June 9, 2020

20-PPC-01 Hearing Letter, for hearing on January 24, 2020

Biddeford Fire Fighters Association, Local 3107, City of Biddeford

December 2, 2019

16-14 Hearing Letter, for hearing on November 22, 2016

Eliot Police Association, Town of Eliot

October 26, 2016

15-10 Hearing Letter, for hearing on January 15, 2015

IAM&AW, District Lodge 4, Local Lodge 559, Town of Madison

January 5, 2014