Notices of Bargaining Agent Elections

After an election petition is filed and the election is scheduled, notices of the upcoming election are sent to the employer for posting in the workplace. The notice indicates when the ballots will be mailed to the employees in the bargaining unit, and what someone who is in that bargaining unit should do if they do not receive a ballot. Links to copies of these election notices are provided below. An election is not necessary if the employer voluntarily recognizes the union as the employees' bargaining agent.

Type of Election Notice Parties Date of Petition + Election Outcome

Notice of Election, RSU 16 Poland Transportation Unit, Decert Agent Election, for an election on November 6, 2020

RSU #16 Poland Transportation Unit, Teamsters Local Union No. 340

September 11, 2020

Election Certification, RSU 16 Poland Transportation Unit

Notice of Election, Portland Police Supervisor's Unit, for an election on August 7, 2020

City of Portland, Portland Police Superior Officers Association, New England Police Benevolent Association

July 2, 2020

Election Certification, Portland Police Superiors Unit

Notice of Election, Brunswick Police Department Unit, for an election on June 12, 2020

Town of Brunswick, Brunswick Police Benefit Association, Maine Association of Police

April 14, 2020

Election Certification, Brunswick Police Unit

Notice of Election, Aroostook County Sheriffs Office Unit, for an election on June 12, 2020

Aroostook County Sheriff's Office Unit, Teamsters Local No. 340, National Correctional Employees Union

April 14, 2020

Election Certification, Aroostook County Sheriffs Unit

Notice of Election, Monmouth Administrative Unit, for an election on November 21, 2019

Town of Monmouth, AFSCME Council 93

September 16, 2019

Election Certification, Monmouth Administrative Unit

Election Notice, Somerset County Corrections Unit, for an election on April 2, 2019

National Correctional Employees Union, County of Somerset, Teamsters Local 340

February 28, 2019

Election Certification, Somerset County Corrections Unit