Notices of Unit Agreement, Voluntary Recognition, Disclaimer and Revocation of Certification

An employer and a union may agree on the jobs that should be included in a bargaining unit and will file an "Agreement on Appropriate Unit" with the MLRB. Notices of these agreements are provided to the employer for posting in the workplace. A "Unit Modification" is a form of unit agreement.

An employer may voluntarily recognize a union as the bargaining agent of an established unit rather than have the MLRB conduct an election. Notices of the "Voluntary Recognition" are sent to the employer for posting in the workplace.

A "Disclaimer" is when a bargaining agent no longer wants to represent a bargaining unit and a "Revocation of Certification" can occur when there has been no activity in a bargaining unit for several years. Both of these types of notices are posted at the workplace, too.

Links to various notices are provided below. Notices are archived after one year.


Date of Notice* Type of Notice Parties

October 16, 2019

Notice of Agreements, Poland Firefighters Unit

Town of Poland, Poland Firefighters Unit, IAFF Local 5232

September 26, 2019

Notice of Agreement, Maine Public Employees Retirement System Professional and Technical Services Unit

Maine Public Employees Retirement System, Maine State Employees Association

September 6, 2019

Notice of Agreement, Waterville Professional Fire Fighters Unit

City of Waterville, Waterville Professional Fire Fighters, IAFF Local 1608

July 31, 2019

Notice of Disclaimer, MSAD #35 School Secretaries Unit

MSAD 35, Quamphegan Education Association

June 25, 2019

Notice of Agreement, Mechanic Falls Police Unit

Town of Mechanic Falls, Mechanic Falls Police Association/ Fraternal Order of Police

May 3, 2019

Notice of Agreement, Winthrop Professional EMS Providers Unit

Town of Winthrop, Winthrop Professional EMP Providers, IAFF Local 5176

April 29, 2019

Notice of Agreement, MSAD #49 Educational Technician III Unit

MSAD #49, MSAD #49 Education Association/MEA/NEA

April 25, 2019

Amended Notice of Agreement, Eliot Administrative Unit

Town of Eliot, Teamsters Local Union No. 340

April 4, 2019

Notice of Agreement, Monmouth General Town Employees Unit

AFSCME Council 93, Town of Monmouth

November 30, 2018

Notice of Agreement, South Portland Parks, Recreation and Waterfront Dept. and Public Works Dept. Unit

City of South Portland, AFSCME Council 93

November 20, 2018

Notice of Disclaimer, Brewer Public Works Department Employees Unit

City of Brewer, AFSCME Council 93

June 1, 2018

Notice of Agreement, MSAD #51 Social Workers Unit

MSAD #51 Board of Directors, MSAD #51 Education Association

*If the Unit Agreement or Voluntary Recognition was preceded by a petition, the date indicated is the date the petition was filed.