Model lease agreement

In 1989 the Maine Legislature authorized the Attorney General to write and distribute model lease. In 2014, the Maine Human Rights Commission received a grant to modify the lease to raise awareness of issues specific to the Maine Human Rights Act and the Disabilities Rights Act. This latest version of a model lease was developed by the Maine Attorney General and the Maine Human Rights Commission to provide landlords and tenants with an example that is both reasonable and understandable. It is intended as a teaching tool that provides basic information about the law and raises awareness of areas where further research is advisable. It does not include all of the laws applicable to landlords and tenants.This model lease does not represent endorsement by the Commission.


The Maine Human Rights Commission offers a low-cost and highly-effective Third Party Neutral Mediation Program offering mediators with expertise in MHRC matters; more information about our program is available at For parties who may wish to use a private mediation service, the Maine Association of Mediators provides information about mediation and a roster of its members, with information on each mediator’s credentials and experience, available at Users of the Maine Association of Mediators website are able to refine their search for mediators by geographic area and areas of expertise, such as employment matters. The link to the roster of mediators accessible on the Maine Association of Mediators’ website does not represent endorsement by the Commission.

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