About Us

The Maine Human Rights Commission is the State agency charged with the responsibility of enforcing Maine’s anti-discrimination laws. The Commission investigates complaints of unlawful discrimination in employment, housing, education, access to public accommodations, extension of credit, and offensive names. The Commission attempts to resolve complaints of discrimination to the mutual satisfaction of those who are involved. The Maine Human Rights Act authorizes the Commission to pursue remedies for unlawful discrimination in Court when necessary to enforce the Act.

The Commission was established in 1971. Commission policy is formulated by five Commissioners appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate for staggered five year terms. The Governor designates the Chair of the Commission from among its members. Commissioners make the final finding on all complaints of discrimination investigated by the Commission staff and not settled or administratively dismissed.

The Commission appoints an Executive Director. The Executive Director in turn has the authority to appoint and supervise the Commission’s staff.

The Commission enters into agreements with Federal Partners when appropriate to promote cooperation, avoid duplication, and work towards eliminating discrimination.