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Docks, Piers, Ramps, Floats, etc.

  1. A brief cover letter describing the project; and
  2. A 7.5' USGS topographic quad map with the project location clearly and accurately indicated; and
  3. Clear, unobstructed photos of any buildings over fifty years of age that are on or adjacent to the project site. All photos of nearby buildings should be keyed to the map and be submitted on the Maine Historic Preservation Commission Historic Building/Structure Survey Form with lines 3-5 filled out. If no such buildings exist, please indicate this in writing; and
  4. Close-up color photos (not xeroxed or faxed) showing existing conditions where the project will impact the shoreline - photos should be taken at low tide from the vantage of about mid tide looking back towards the portion of the shoreline that will be impacted by this project

    ; and
  5. Photos showing other shoreline development (other docks, piers, ramps, etc.) in the project vicinity; and
  6. If plans, sketches or drawings are available, they should also be submitted.