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Building Façade Projects/Restoration

Downtown Building Façade or Redevelopment Projects/Building Rehabilitation/Building Restoration

  1. A cover letter describing the project; and
  2. A 7.5' USGS topographic quad map and/or tax map with the subject property clearly and accurately indicated; and
  3. Clear, unobstructed photos of the subject building or site, photos of any buildings over fifty years of age that are adjacent to or across the street from the project site, as well as photos of the streetscape in the immediate vicinity of the project site. All photos should be keyed to a USGS topographic quad map, tax map or a site plan. If no buildings over fifty years of age exist in the vicinity, please indicate this in writing; and
  4. If the project involves a known historic property or is within a known historic district (properties and districts that are listed on, or eligible for nomination to, the National Register of Historic Places), specifications, plans, concept sketches and/or drawings should be submitted if available; and
  5. For a project with multiple buildings, please submit a cover letter, map and photographs for each individual building.