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BCA Reference Guide:
Guidance 2009
Supplement to the Benefit-Cost Analysis Reference Guide:
Guidance 2011
Benefit Cost Toolkit Version 5.3:
This is the link to the BCA software
Guidance 2017
School Safety and Security September 2018:
Guidance 811189-pdf 2018
HMGP DR-4367 Funding Announcement:
Guidance 810286-pdf 2018
See Something Say Something Brochure:
Trifold Brochure
Brochure 721205-pdf 2018
Hazard Mitigation Grant Opportunities:
Guidance 793348-pdf 2018
River Flow Advisory Commission Report:
Report of the annual meeting of the River Flow Advisory Commission, March 16, 2018.
Report 791872-pdf 2018
HMGP DR-4354 Updated Funding Announcement:
Mitigation Grant Funding Announcement for Eligible Projects
Guidance 788502-pdf 2018
Hazard Mitigation Projects Fact Sheet:
Simple Fact sheet outlining Hazard Mitigation Projects
Guidance 787951-pdf 2018
FEMA-4354-DR-ME Fact Sheet:
Fact sheet on Severe Storm October 2017
Guidance 776523-pdf 2018
Declaration Summary Sheet FEMA-4354-DR:
Summary sheet for October 2017 Storm Declaration
Guidance 776524-pdf 2018
Tier 2 Changes:
Recent changes to the Tier 2 Submit software to bring it in alignment with the Global Harmonization System (GHS) has created a change in how chemicals are reported.
Guidance 773482- 2017
Toxic Chemical Release Form Instructions and Fee Worksheet:
Instructions for a facility filing Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) forms.
Form Instructions 22230-PDF TRI Worksheet 2016
Hazardous Materials Registration and Inventory Fee Worksheet:
Combined Hazardous Materials Registration and Facility Inventory Fee Worksheet.
Form 85058-PDF Worksheet 85058-Fillable Form 2016
SERC Facility letter:
Letter sent to facilities describing filing and fee reports for hazardous materials inventories. Also used by Homeland Security grant applicants to review requirements.
Form Grant Guidance 318010-SERC Letter.pdf 2016
LEPC Contacts:
Here is a list of all the LEPCs with contact information for the State of Maine.
Form Report 341033-LEPC Contacts.doc 2016
Tier 2 Submit 2017 Reporting Package:
This is the complete 2017 Tier 2 Reporting Package.
Form 727522-2017 Reporting Package 2016
Public Assistance PNP Eligible/Non Eligible Services:
List of critical Private Non Profit Eligible/Non Eligible Services authorized under FEMA’s Public Assistance Program
Guidance 770918-pdf 2017
HSGP Closeout Report:
Use this form to closeout FY 2015 HSGP, due no later than 30 days after final payment.
Form 768128-xls 2017
Contract Closeout Report:
Use this form to closeout FY 2016 EMPG, due no later than 30 days after final payment.
Form 768119-xls 2017
Individual Assistance Programs: No Presidential Declaration:
A County Emergency Management Agency or the Governor may trigger activation. State programs and voluntary and community organizations are activated to help individuals and families.
Guidance 764062-pdf 2017
Individual Assistance Programs from FEMA and Other Agencies: Presidential Declaration:
Individuals, families, and businesses may be eligible for federal assistance if they live, own a business, or work in a county declared a Major Disaster Area; incur sufficient property damage or loss; and depending on the type of assistance, do not have the insurance or other resources to meet their needs.
Guidance 764058-pdf 2017
Small Business Administration (SBA) Disaster Loans:
Table of SBA Loans available in Disasters
Guidance 764072-pdf 2017
Disaster Assistance Sequence of Delivery:
Individuals & Households Program Unified Guidance Chart
Guidance 764069-pdf 2016
Incident Annex 5: Drought:
Plan 734868-pdf 2017
2017 HSGP Sub-Recipient Grant Application Form:
Federal Fiscal Year 2017 Sub-recipient HSGP grant application for State Homeland Security Program and Law Enforcement Terrorism Protection Activities. Counties and the Six Metro areas will submit their project based application electronically to no later than 4pm, August 1, 2017
Form Grant 758075-xls 2017
Maine Disaster Recovery Fund:
This rule governs the process for the expenditure of funds from the Disaster Recovery Fund, established pursuant to Title 37-B M.R.S. §745.
Policy 757136-pdf 2017
Cyber Incident Reporting:
A Unified Message for Reporting to the Federal Government
Guidance 734757-pdf 2017
Incident Annex 4 Radiological Emergency Response:
Plan 733379-pdf 2017
Incident Annex 2 Tsunami:
Plan 732511-pdf 2017
Incident Annex 3 Cyber Incident:
Plan 732508-pdf 2017
ESF-05 Information Planning:
Plan 636063-pdf 2017
ESF-06 Mass Care Emergency Assistance Housing Human Services:
Plan 636064-pdf 2017
ESF-07 Logistics:
Plan 636068-pdf 2017
ESF-08 Public Health Medical Services:
Plan 636070-pdf 2017
ESF-09 Search Rescue:
Plan 636069-pdf 2017
ESF-10 Oil Hazardous Materials:
Plan 636071-pdf 2017
ESF-11 Agriculture Animals Natural Resources:
Plan 636072-pdf 2017
ESF-12 Energy:
Plan 636078-pdf 2017
ESF-13 Public Safety Security:
Plan 53927-pdf 2017
ESF-14 Transistion to Recovery:
Plan 53921-pdf 2017
ESF-15 External Affairs:
Plan 53928-pdf 2017
EOP Information Sheet:
Plan 651463-pdf 2017
EOP Base Plan:
Plan 651466-pdf 2017
ESF-01 Transportation:
Plan 651460-pdf 2017
ESF-02 Communications:
Plan 651462-pdf 2017
ESF-03 Public Works Engineering:
Plan 653021-pdf 2017
ESF-04 Firefighting:
Plan 653035-pdf 2017
Travel Mileage Log:
This is a suggested tracking sheet to help both sub-recipients and MEMA finance dated November 2016. Use for EMPG, HSGP, SERC, Seabrook and HMEP grants.
Form Grant 721853-xls 2016
Invoice Tracking Sheet:
This is a suggested tracking sheet to help both sub-recipients and MEMA finance dated November 2016. Use for HSGP, SERC, Seabrook, and HMEP - LEPC/TRNG grants.
Form Grant 721855-xls 2016
Sub-recipient Tracking Sheet:
This is a suggested tracking sheet to help both sub-recipients and MEMA finance dated November 2016.
Form Grant 721656-xls 2016
MOU Modification Form:
This form is developed for use and dated March 2017. Use for HSGP, EMPG, OSG, SERC and HMEP.
Form 719933-pdf 2017
SERC Credit Card Payment Form:
Fill-able form to submit payment for facility chemical inventory fees via credit card or check. Form may be filled out electronically and either emailed, faxed or mailed.
Form 68043-PDF Credit Card Form 2016
2018 FEMA Public Assistance Program and Policy Guide (PAPPG):
The Public Assistance Program and Policy Guide (PAPPG) combines all Public Assistance (PA) policy into a single volume and provides an overview of the PA Program implementation process with links to other publications and documents that provide additional process details.
Guidance Policy 2018
Ammonia (NH3) Facts:
This fact sheet contains general background information about ammonia (NH3)
Guidance 700594-pdf 2016
FEMA Authorized Equipment List:
The Authorized Equipment List (AEL) is a list of approved equipment types allowed under FEMA’s preparedness grant programs. The list consists of 21 equipment categories divided into sub-categories, tertiary categories, and then individual equipment items.
Grant Guidance 2016
Use of Grant Funds for Controlled Equipment:
FEMA policy regarding grant funding for acquisition and maintenance of controlled equipment. This policy includes a list of prohibited equipment.
Guidance 682370-pdf 2016
2016 HSGP Maine Inventory Reporting Form:
For use by HSGP and OPSG grantees to report equipment
Form Grant 682364-xls 2016
Hazardous Materials Training Grant Application and Checklist:
Application and checklist for an LEPC to apply to the SERC for a Training Grant.
Form Grant 22235-Application 22235-Checklist 2016
Stonegarden Daily Activity Report:
Ensure that authorized activities are recorded on the Daily Activity Sheet and reported in HSIN per the operation orders. For reimbursement, send the activity sheets to MEMA through email, fax or post using the contact information at the bottom of the form. Please also submit County/Subgrantee Request for Reimbursement summarizing the requested reimbursement.
Form 672747-xls 2017
Seabrook Station Ingestion Pathway Zone Map:
Map showing the boundaries of the Ingestion Pathway Planning Zone (IPZ) (50-mile radius) and Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ) around Seabrook Station, Seabrook, New Hampshire (.pdf format).
Plan 2016
Map of Point Lepreau Generating Station Ingestion Planning Zone (IPZ):
Map showing the Ingestion Pathway (IPZ, 50-mile radius) and Emergency (EPZ) Planning Zones around the Point LePreau Generating Station, New Brunswick, Canada.
Plan 672621-pdf 2015
Map of Hazardous Materials Team Locations:
This map shows the locations of Regional Response Teams and Decontamination Strike Teams in Maine.
Guidance 672027-pdf 2015
FEMA: Types Resource Definitions, Fire/HazMat (.pdf format):
Definitions for fire and hazardous materials assets for ease of ordering and mobilization during a disaster. (.pdf format)
Guidance 2014
State of Maine Multi-Year Training and Exercise Plan:
2018-2020 MTEP
Guidance Plan Policy 671771-pdf 2018
Maine Bureau of Insurance: Home InventoryChecklist:
Use this tool to go through your home and note valuable belongings and furnishings. That way, you can better document what you hve lost after a disaster.
Brochure 2011 (est.)
Maine School Security Guide: Twenty Simple Strategies to Safer and More Effective Maine Schools.:
A guide developed by Michael Dorn of Safe Havens International that provides school officials with practical and no-cost and low-cost security evidence and research-based strategies. (.pdf format)
Guidance 2014
Maine School Security Report Excerpts:
A report directed by the Maine Legislature that presents results of a statewide school security assessment and some recommendations on how to improve school security. (.pdf format)
Report 2015
US DOE: Educational Facilities Vulnerability/Hazard Assessment Checklist:
This checklist, a collaborative effort with the Texas School Safety Center,(TSSC), and a compilation of various resources, provides an overview of educational facility vulnerabilities and hazards that should be identified and addressed in the prevention/mitigation phase of a school’s emergency management process.
US DOE/REMS: School Safety/Security/Vulnerability - Assessment Tool:
A sample school safety/security/vulnerability and assessment Tool. (.pdf format)
2011 (est.)
US DOE/US Secret Service: Threat Assessment in Schools: A Guide to Managing Threatening Situations and To Creating Safe School Climates:
Sets forth a process for identifying, assessing, and managing students who may pose a threat of targeted violence in schools. (.pdfformat)
Guidance 2004
FEMA: Sample School Emergency Plan:
Developed for training purposese, this sample plabclosely follows the format that many emergency management agencies use. It’s best to review both this sample and the Maine sample to see which fits best for your school or district. (.pdf format)
US DOE: Practical Information on Crisis Planning: A Guide for Schools and Communities:
This Guide is intended to give schools, districts, and communities the critical concepts and components of good crisis planning, stimulate thinking about the crisis preparedness process, and provide examples of promising practices.
Guidance 2007
US DOE: Guide for Developing High-Quality School Emergency Operations Plans:
US Department of Education, et al, 2013. Although this guide is more recent and more closely follows emergency management EOP development guidelines, we advise using the 2007 US DOE guide for additional details and examples that this guide may not offer to the same extent.
Guidance 2013
i love you guys Foundation: Standard Reunification Method:
This is a practical method (developed by the i love you guys Foundation) to unite students with parents after an evacuation or crisis and is based on the Adams 12, Five Star School District Practices. Important to tailor and incorporate this method into your school EOP as family reunification is a critically important function.
Guidance 2011
MEMA Sub-Recipient Finance Guidebook:
March 2017
Guidance 668983-pdf 2017
American Red Cross: Emergency Preparedness by Seniors for Seniors (.pdf):
"We are a group of older adults who experienced a two-week power outage when a massive ice storm hit the Greater Rochester, New York, area. We were unprepared for such a disaster. If we had only taken a few simple steps to prepare ourselves for such an event, we could have eliminated many of the hardships we had to endure."
Brochure 2010
MEMA Training Approval Guidance:
Guidance on the Training Approval process for MEMA, FEMA, Federal partners and SERC/LEPC training
Guidance Policy 668277-pdf 2016
American Red Cross: Family Emergency Contact Cards:
Print out a card for every member of your household. Fill in a card for each family member with emergency contact information (work, school and cell phone numbers etc.) Fold to fit in pocket, wallet or purse and carry card in case of any emergency.
Form 2016
Situation Report: County/Local:
Form to summarize current emergency situation for submission to county (for locals) or state (for counties, if not using WebEOC)
Form 25091-pdf 25091-rtf 2014
Sample Facility Plan:
This is a sample facility plan you can use and build from.
Form Guidance 673088-Sample Plan 2016
US Coast Guard Chris Manual (.pdf format):
The Chemical Hazards Response Information System (CHRIS) is designed to provide information needed for decision-making by responsible Coast Guard personnel during emergencies that occur during the water transport of hazardous chemicals.
Plan date unknown
Damage Assessment Form 7 Instructions:
Guidance to assist communities or state agencies in reporting damages via the Form 7
Guidance 25090-pdf 2016
Damage Assessment Form 7:
Standard form used by municipalities to report damages after an emergency to the County Emergency Management Agency. (State agencies submit to MEMA.) Fillable .pdf form
Form 668258-pdf 2016
MEMA Exercise Policy:
Summary of Maine exercise policy including compliance with FEMA grant requirements.
Guidance Policy 665594-pdf 2015
DOE Key Personnel NIMS Training:
Describes required and recommended NIMS training for schools and higher education institution key personnel.
Guidance Policy 2015
NIMS/ICS Training Requirements for Maine:
NIMS/ICS Minimum Training Requirements for Maine by position.
Guidance Policy 665549-pdf 2015
NIMS/ICS Required Training Letter:
Cover letter on NIMS/ICS training requirements for Maine.
Guidance Policy 665548-pdf 2015
Preparing the Whole Family Pet Brochure:
This brochure is on how to make a plan for your pet.
Brochure 660644-pdf 2015
Governor's Executive Order: State Emergency Response and Disaster Recovery Teams:
An order updating the state of Maine Emergency Response and Disaster Recovery Teams
Policy 648759-pdf 2015
2017 HSGP Maine Grant Guidance:
Read this guidance before applying for 2017 Homeland Security Grant Program funds. REVIEW/REFERENCE
Grant Guidance Instructions 140107-pdf 2017
2017 HSGP Allocations:
Official funding allocations by County and Metros for 2017 HSGP grants. REVIEW/REFERENCE
Grant Guidance 626157-pdf 2017
2016 NIMS Data Collection Spreadsheet:
This form should be completed and submitted with 2016 HSGP MOUs. If you are having problems opening the .xlsm form and have an older version of Excel, you may need to install the Microsoft Compatibility Pack. An Adobe .pdf version has also been provided.
Form Grant 628606-pdf 628606-xlsm 2016
2015 EMPG Local/Partner Program Guidance:
2015 guidance for use of EMPG funds to enhance local and partner emergency management capacity
Grant Guidance 62251-pdf 2015
2015 Local EMPG Fact Sheet:
2015 Fact Sheet about the Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG) program
Brochure Grant Guidance 428363-pdf 2015
EMPG Job Aid: Documenting In-Kind Match:
FEMA’s Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG) allows the use of in-kind resources as a match for grant funds. This job aid is provided to assist in identifying and documenting in-kind match for EMPG.
Grant Guidance 224710-pdf 2015
EMPG 85-21:
Use this spreadsheet to create a cover sheet for local, county and partner agency EMPG reimbursement requests.
Form Grant 651682-xls 2018
Maine CEM-ME Certification Application Form:
Application Form for Maine Certified Emergency Manager Certification(CEM-ME)
Form 53154-docx 2017
Small Project Summary Certification Form:
Use this form to certify to completion of Public Assistance small projects
Form 98530-pdf 98530-doc 2014
Dam Safety: Model Emergency Action Plan:
A plan template for use by dam owners and operators in developing an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for their dams.
Plan 648591-docx 2018
CONOPS with RegionNets:
State of Maine Communications Operations Plan (CONOPS) for Incident Communications Interoperability with RegionNets
Plan Policy 22705-pdf 2017
Reimbursement Request Form:
Use this reimbursement worksheet for HSGP, SERC, Seabrook, Stonegarden and HMEP grants.
Form 647443-xls 2017
Statewide Communication Interoperability Plan (SCIP) Implementation Report:
August 2015
Grant Guidance Report 646269-doc 2015
SAFECOM Grant Guidance FY 2015:
Federal Interoperability Grant Guidance Document Library
Grant Guidance 2015
Emergency Information for Farmers, Food Processors and Distributors:
This brochure is intended for use in the event of a nuclear plant release to the ingestion pathway that affects Maine.
Brochure 638592-doc 2014
Facility Plan Review Document:
This is for EHS facilities that have to review their plan annually.
Form 637150-PDF 637150-DOC
Presentation: EHP Laws and Regulations:
FEMA/DHS presentation on Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation (EHP) laws, regulations and Executive Orders. #E_H_P
Grant Guidance 636061-pdf 2014
Categories of EHP Compliant Projects:
Categories of projects outlining what level of Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation (EHP) Review is required. FEMA/DHS document. #E_H_P
Grant Guidance 636052-pdf 2014
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): EHP process:
FEMA/DHS Frequently asked questions about Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation (EHP) review process. #E_H_P
Grant Guidance 636054-pdf 2014
EHP Review Packet Overview:
Environmental and Historic Preservation (EHP) Review Packet Overview. Summarized information needed for the EHP Screening Form. FEMA/DHS document. #E_H_P
Grant Guidance 636058-pdf 2014
Presentation: Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation (EHP) Compliance:
DHS/FEMA presentation outlining EHP requirements and processes. #E_H_P
Grant Guidance 636060-pdf 2014
ICS-201 SAMPLE for Transportation Incidents:
Sample ICS-201 Incident Briefing Form showing important information for Hazmat Transportation Incidents
Form 630582-pdf 2014
2018 State Hazard Mitigation Plan: Cover:
Plan 120067-pdf 2018
Table of Contents:
Plan 118519-pdf 2018
Signed Adoption & Assurances:
Plan 118522-pdf 2018
Section 1 - Introduction:
Plan 612346-pdf 2018
Section 2 - Planning:
Plan 118523-pdf 2018
Section 3 - Risk Assessment:
Plan 118524-pdf 2018
Section 4 - Strategy:
Plan 118525-pdf 2018
Section 5 - Coordination:
Plan 118526-pdf 2018
Section 6 - Maintenance:
Plan 118527-pdf 2018
Appendix A - County Hazard Mitigation Plan FEMA Approval Letters:
Plan 118529-pdf 2018
Appendix B - 2018 State Risk Assessment Results (Natural):
Plan 120066-pdf 2018
Read Me First: Yes/No HMGP Eligibility Requirements 2018:
Grant Guidance 22249-pdf 2018
HMGP Score Sheet:
Grant Guidance 2018
1: Contact Information:
Form Grant 57622-docx 2018
2: Problem Description:
Form Grant 53917-doc 2018
2E: Damages:
Form Grant 53924-xls 2018
3: Alternatives and Decisions:
Form Grant 53925-docx 2018
4: Scope of Work/Budget:
Form Grant 53929-xls 2018
5: Project Description / Design:
Form Grant 53926-doc 2018
6: Benefit Cost Analysis:
Form Grant 94112-doc 2018
7: Goals, Objectives, Projects:
Form Grant 53976-doc 2018
8A: EHP Checklist:
Form Grant 53977-xls 2018
8B: Commitment Letter:
Form Grant 94104-doc 2018
9: Cover Page:
Form Grant 94105-doc 2018
Supervisor's Report of Injury:
Form to be completed by Supervisor or Team Chief in case of injury by a Special Teams member. See Special Teams Guidance for Worker's Compensation and Liability
Form Guidance 516530-doc 2013
County EMA Work Plan Reporting Guidance:
Guidelines for Counties to use in preparing quarterly work plan progress reports.
Form Guidance 312080-pdf 2012
AR-1 Form:
The NEW Standard Maine form to report a hazardous materials spill to SERC, LEPC and DEP
Form 15040-pdf 2012
Suspicious Substance Protocol:
Guidelines for first responders' use when dealing with a suspicious substance, including suspicious packages or envelopes. Revised August 2011 to combine previous protocols and screening tool into one document.
Guidance Policy 15072-pdf 15072-doc 2011
Tsunami Brochure:
What don't you know about tsunamis in Maine? Find out!
Brochure 222725-pdf 2011
Maine LEPC Membership Application:
This is an application a person would fill out to become a member of the Local Emergency Planning Committee.
Form 210516-doc 2011
Summer Camp Emergency Planning Guide:
Quick guide to emergency planning for summer camps.
Brochure 118412-pdf 118412-doc 2010
Summer Camp Hazard Hunt and Risk Assessment:
Supplement to Planning Quick Guide.
Brochure 118413-pdf 118413-doc 2010
Suspicious Substance Protocol Presentation:
Training presentation on Suspicious Substance Protocol.
Form Guidance 83359-pdf 83359-ppt 2009
Maine Interoperable Communications Committee Charter (MICC):
Maine Interoperable Communications Committee (MICC) Charter
Policy 79515-doc 2009
Annual and Legal Requirements for LEPCs:
Summary of LEPC responsibilities.
Guidance Policy 69926-doc 2009
Credentialing Policy:
Cuurent policy on issuance of credentials for special teams
Policy 69929-pdf 2015
Special Response Team Member Qualification Form:
Form to be used by Team Chiefs to record team members qualifications. Important for worker's comp and liability issues.
Form 69937-doc 2009
Special Teams Guidance and Worker's Comp and Liability:
Guidance on worker's compensation and liability policies as they apply to special response teams.
Guidance Policy 73177--pdf 73177--doc 2009
Employee's Report of Injury:
Form to be completed in case of injury by a Special Teams member. See Special Teams Guidance for Worker's Compensation and Liability
Form 73178-doc 2009
Credentialing Card Development Guide:
Guide for gathering base data and photos for credential cards for special teams.
Guidance Instructions Policy 69928-pdf 2015
Special Teams MOU:
This MOU template is to be used when executing a NEW MOU with a special teams. Existing MOUs need not be re-done.
Policy 69924-doc 2009
Carbon Monoxide Fact Sheet:
Printable fact sheet from MaineCDC
Brochure 65008-pdf 2016
Generator Safety Door Hanger:
Template for laminated Generator Safety door hanger, from MaineCDC
Brochure 65009-pdf 2008
Generator Safety Flyer:
Generator Safety one-page flyer from MaineCDC
Brochure 65010-pdf 2008
Statewide Mutual Aid Agreement:
Statewide Mutual Aid Agreement developed in concert with the Maine Fire Commission and responders and officials around the state. Revision 1, February 2014.
Policy 64397-pdf 2014
Sample SERC Letter:
Sample letter the SERC to verify that a facility no longer meets the requirement to file Chemical Inventory Report Forms
Form 22231-pdf 22231-doc 2008
National Interoperability Field Operations Guide (NIFOG) Version 1.6:
This link takes you to the Nationally approved communication frequencies for interoperability. This document is a must for communication professionals. Produced by Department of Homeland Security and the Office of Emergency Communications.
Guidance 2015
ICS Form 205 CONOPS Maine:
ICS Radio Communication Plan adapted to utilize the Maine CONOPS Frequencies
Form 59538-doc 2008
MEMA: School Preparedness: Self Assessment:
School preparedness checklist for School Boards
Guidance Plan 58485-pdf 58485-doc 2008
Maine Sample School Emergency Plan:
This model plan can be modified and used as a basis for school emergency planning. This is a sample plan only. (.doc format)
Plan 57541-doc 2011
SAFECOM Interoperability Continuum:
SAFECOM Interoperability Continuum Brochure
Brochure 2015
School Preparedness: Risk Assessment Tool:
Use this matrix to determine what risks your school faces. If it has been several years since you did your risk assessment, we recommend you review your findings using this updated tool.
Plan 23685- 23685-doc 2007
School Preparedness: Self Assessment:
Take this self assessment or "quiz" to determine if your school is ready for an emergency.
Guidance 23684- 23684-doc 2007
Right-to-Know Request Form:
This form may be used to request hazardous materials information available under the Emergency Planning and Emergency Right to Know Act (EPCRA).
Form 22523-pdf 22523-doc 2008
Local Director's Handbook:
Guidebook for a Maine Local Emergency Management Director, describing responsibilities and programs.
Guidance Policy 15039-pdf 2006
Communication Unit Leader (COML) Type 3 Recognition and Guidance:
Maine guidance for individual communications training and creation of a recognized Communications Unit Leader (COML)following the NIMS COML Standard.
Guidance Policy 90865-doc 2010
Hazardous Materials Registration and Inventory Fee Instructions:
Instructions for Hazardous Materials Facility combined Registration and Inventory fee form.
Form Instructions 15048-Instructions 2016
National Emergency Communications Plan:
Plan 2014



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