Hazard mitigation plans serve as a strategic guide for decision makers as they commit resources to reduce the effects of natural hazards and demonstrate a commitment to reduce risks from natural hazards. In accordance with Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, 44 CFR, §201.6, local hazard mitigation plans are updated every five years.

The State Mitigation Plan is the hazard mitigation plan approved by FEMA as a condition for the state to receive Stafford Act assistance during a Federal Disaster Declaration. The State Hazard Mitigation Plan resides in Volume I of the State Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan.

State Mitigation Plans are composed of six sections:

  • Section 1 – Introduction
  • Section 2 – Planning Process
  • Section 3 – Risk Assessment
  • Section 4 – Strategy
  • Section 5 – Coordination of Local Mitigation Planning
  • Section 6 – Maintenance

A Local Mitigation Plan is the hazard mitigation plan required of a local government acting as a sub-grantee as a condition of receiving a Hazard Mitigation Assistance project sub-grant. All local mitigation plans in Maine are multi-jurisdictional and developed by the County Emergency Management Agencies.

Local Mitigation Plans are composed of six sections:

  • Section 1 – Introduction
  • Section 2 – Adoption
  • Section 3 – Planning Process
  • Section 4 – Risk Assessment
  • Section 5 – Strategy
  • Section 6 – Maintenance

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2018 State Hazard Mitigation Plan: Cover
120067-pdf 2018
Table of Contents
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Signed Adoption & Assurances
118522-pdf 2018
Section 1 - Introduction
612346-pdf 2018
Section 2 - Planning
118523-pdf 2018
Section 3 - Risk Assessment
118524-pdf 2018
Section 4 - Strategy
118525-pdf 2018
Section 5 - Coordination
118526-pdf 2018
Section 6 - Maintenance
118527-pdf 2018
Appendix A - County Hazard Mitigation Plan FEMA Approval Letters
118529-pdf 2018
Appendix B - 2018 State Risk Assessment Results (Natural)
120066-pdf 2018