Maine's Emergency Management Community

The EMA community in Maine is a partnership among State, County and local emergency managers, as well as as many other government organizations, voluntary agencies and the business community.

The Maine Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) is a bureau of the Department of Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management.

At the State level MEMA coordinates the mitigation (risk reduction) preparedness, response and recovery from emergencies and disasters such as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes or hazardous materials spills.

MEMA also provides guidance, and assistance to county and local governments, businesses and nonprofit organizations in their efforts to provide protection to citizen and property, and increase resiliency in the face of disaster. The Agency uses strategies such as planning, training, exercise and public education to carry out its mission.

Since 2001, MEMA has been the focal point for the implementation of programs regarding Homeland Security, integrating these concerns into its all-hazard mission.