Employment Opportunities

Current job opportunities available at MEMA are posted on the Department of Administrative and Financial Services website, under Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management. 

If there are no open positions listed for MEMA, and you are interested in submitting your resume, please email Deputy Director Joe Legee

MEMA was originally established under the Maine Civil Defense and Public Safety Act of 1949, which authorized the Governor to establish, within the Executive Department, a Civil Defense and Public Safety Agency. The Maine Civil Defense Act in 1972 re-designated MEMA as the Bureau of Civil Defense within the Department of Military. In 1974, the Department of Military was re-designated as the Department of Defense and Veterans Services and MEMA changed names yet again – this time to the Bureau of Civil Preparedness. In 1987, our name changed for a final time to what we all know today – Maine Emergency Management Agency – and while agency structure and name have remained unchanged since, the Department of Defense and Veterans Services was renamed in 1996 to the Department of Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management.