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Digital Parcels Mapping

This site will be decommissioned on or before March 1, 2019.
Please refer to the Maine GeoLibrary Website and the Maine GeoLibrary Data Catalog.
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Current Status Map (9/6/2016)

MEGIS and the Maine GeoLibrary Board have been collaborating in recent years on developing cadastral data in Maine, culminating in some big projects designed to develop statewide parcels data.

As early as 2003, MEGIS and the Maine GeoLibrary developed the first statewide parcel standard, a guide for the development of parcel data in municipalities, and a template for use by the GeoLibrary's parcel grant program. The standard was the result of conversations with various stakeholders and discussions among MEGIS and the GeoLibrary.

Between 2003 and 2006, the GeoLibrary Board provided grants between $1K and $10K to 69 municipalities in Maine to develop parcel data according to the standard, for a total investment of $370K. Some of these grants helped towns with existing digital data convert to the state standard, others were used to help the complete development of digital data for towns. MEGIS assisted with this effort, shepherding the contracts and managing the project.

In 2007, the GeoLibrary successfully submitted a $40K grant proposal which would fund a strategic plan update for Maine, and the development of an integrated land record information system (ILRIS) specification for Maine. Both of these efforts continued the development of cadastral data in Maine, with the strategic plan indicating the high need for such data, and the ILRIS providing some guidance on how to achieve it.

In 2009, MEGIS received a similar $30K grant, submitted with the GeoLibrary, to develop an ILRIS pilot project in Hancock County, which we have named "GeoParcels". This project will provide a county-wide mosaic of parcel data, define an update process for data continuity, and develop an integrated viewer which allows users to query parcel data and return assessor's data and county deeds. This project is still under way.

In 2010, MEGIS received an additional $200K as part of the broadband mapping project, to expand the mapping of Maine parcels statewide. This funding becomes available January 1, 2011.



A sample of parcel data for the city of Saco.