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MEGIS Projects


This site has been decommissioned.
Please refer to the Maine GeoLibrary Website and the Maine GeoLibrary Data Catalog.

Disaster Preparedness Mapping

MEGIS is working with the Maine Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) to implement a new emergency response mapping and information system.

Digital Parcels

MEGIS and the Maine GeoLibrary continue to seek opportunities to develop statewide cadastral data.


MEGIS in support of the Maine GeoLibrary is entering the fifth year of a five year contract to acquire imagery for Maine counties and towns.

Lidar Acquisition

MEGIS in support of the Maine GeoLibrary continues the effort to acquire high-resolution terrain data for Maine using lidar technology.

National Hydrography and Watershed Boundary Datasets

MEGIS is the steward for both the hydrographic spatial data (NHD) and the watershed boundary data (WBD) for Maine, cooperating with the US Geological Survey (USGS).