Public Participation In the New Bridge Design

Public Participation

The Bridge Design Team of FIGG/Hardesty & Hanover are renowned for their public participation process and ability to reach consensus. Collectively, this team brings experience on bridge projects that have won more than 1,000 awards for world-class bridge design.

A Stakeholders Group was formed to provide initial input to the Design Team. The Stakeholders process is an open process where the members helped guide the Design Team by identifying project needs and providing feedback on the design as it is developed. In addition to providing design feedback, the stakeholders also acted as liaisons, between the various interest groups and the DOTs, by sharing information on the project with the groups they represent and bringing back any issues/concerns raised.

In addition, there were two all-day workshops that provided broad input regarding the aesthetics of the bridge.

Meeting Information


May 2017 Stakeholder Meeting Presentation


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