Engineering and design, led by MaineDOT in partnership with the city and Colby, is underway. The grant requires that project funds must be committed by September 30, 2020, so it is likely that construction won’t begin until late 2020 or early 2021. Once a tentative schedule is set it will be shared with the public.

A critical factor in the schedule is the need to allow various utilities (e.g., water, sewer, etc.) the opportunity to make improvements under Main Street prior to completion of the road work.

Public Meeting

6/26/2019: Waterville, Downtown Improvement Project Open House

Download the Notice (PDF)

Project Milestones

Milestone Date
Actual Start of Preliminary Engineering 12/18/2018
Planned End of Preliminary Engineering 9/24/2019
Planned Start of Final Design 9/24/2019
Planned Completion of NEPA 3/22/2020
Planned Start of Right of Way Acquisition 6/1/2020
Planned End of Right of Way Acquisition 9/20/2020
Planned Completion of Final Design 9/29/2020
Planned PS&E Approval 9/29/2020
Planned Construction Contract Award Date 11/19/2020
Planned Construction Start Date 12/21/2020
Planned Construction Substantial Completion and Open to Traffic Date 7/15/2022