Veranda Street Bridge Replacement Project

Project Location

Veranda Street Bridge Project Aerial Map.

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The Veranda Street Bridge carries Interstate 295 (I-295) over Veranda Street (U.S. Route 1) in Portland, Maine. The existing bridge was built in 1961 and, after nearly 60 years of heavy use, the bridge condition has deteriorated. A 2017 inspection of the bridge determined it’s in satisfactory to poor condition and is structurally deficient. Therefore, bridge replacement is recommended.

Project Limits and Goals

Project Limits and Goals.

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Within the project limits, Veranda Street is a two-lane divided roadway, with southbound traffic traveling under the northern bridge span and northbound traffic traveling under the southern bridge span. Access to I-295 from Veranda Street is provided with on and offramps that promote high-speed movements. The divided roadway system, the interstate ramps, and the confusing nature of the roadway network have led to an increased number of motor vehicle crashes.

Highlights of The Veranda Street Bridge Replacement Project

Veranda Street (US Route 1)

  • Reconfiguration and reconstruction of Veranda Street between Wordsworth Street and Martin's Point Health Care.
  • Reconstruction and signalization of two intersections: Veranda Street at the I-295 northbound offramp and Veranda Street at the I-295 southbound onramp.
  • Construction of bike lane and sidewalk.
  • Improvements to roadway drainage.

I-295 NB and SB Bridge Over Veranda Street

  • Complete bridge replacement.
  • Construction of a new single span bridge.
  • Wider shoulders for improved visibility and safety on I-295.