Hampden Bridge Bundle Project

The Maine Department of Transportation is rebuilding eight bridges and rehabilitating one bridge along a four-mile-long stretch of I-95 in Hampden. The Hampden Bridge Bundle Project, valued at $44.7 million, consists of four northbound/southbound bridge pairs at four different sites along the interstate between Exit 174 and Exit 180. Three of the bridge pairs cross Souadabscook Stream (bridges 5951, 1433, 5950, 1432, 5949, and 1431), and one pair crosses Emerson Mill Road and the Central Maine & Quebec Railway (bridges 1430 and 5969). The bridge rehabilitation occurs at the Exit 180 off-ramp on Cold Brook Road over I-95 (bridge 5970).

These bridges are approximately 60 years old and are approaching the end of their useful lives. The new structures will include non-corrosive materials to reduce future maintenance needs. The bridges over the Souadabscook Stream will be single-span structures to eliminate the need for piers in the water.

The project includes the removal of all eight existing bridges and the design and construction of eight full replacement bridges using the design-build method. The Cold Brook Road Exit 180 off-ramp will consist of pier substructure rehabilitation.

Temporary diversion roadways and bridges will be constructed in the median of I-95 to maintain two travel lanes in each direction throughout the majority of this project. After the diversions have been constructed, the northbound traffic will be moved to the median roadway while the northbound bridges are under construction. Once the new northbound bridges are complete, northbound traffic will move onto the new bridges, and southbound traffic will move to the median roadway while construction occurs on the southbound bridges. Once the southbound bridges are complete, southbound traffic will move onto the new bridges, and removal of the median roadways and bridges will begin. Median work started in February 2020 and will continue through the rest of the year. Most of the northbound bridge work will be completed in 2021, and southbound bridge work will be completed in 2022. We expect traffic impacts will be minimal throughout the duration of the project by keeping two lanes moving at all possible times. Construction will be complete by November 2022.

In order to construct the median roadway and bridges, there will be times that interstate travel lanes are reduced to one lane either northbound, southbound, or both. MaineDOT is actively partnering with the contractor and monitoring traffic daily to best adjust the days and times for the lane closures and prevent delays. Drivers are encouraged to drive cautiously, observe signage in the work zone, and obey work zone speed limits.

Cianbro Corporation of Pittsfield is the contractor on this project.