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Gardiner's Comprehensive Transportation Improvements Updates: 08-30-2019

Beginning Tuesday, September 3rd, Maine Avenue in Gardiner will be reduced to one lane of alternating traffic between 9 am and 4 pm. Flaggers will direct traffic so that construction crews can install under drain and catch basins. All businesses will be open and accessible.

Gardiner's Comprehensive Transportation Improvements Updates: 08-27-2019

Reed & Reed formed and placed concrete for the abutment #1 breast wall for the pedestrian bridge. McGee Construction, with guidance from the Maine DEP, continued their efforts in eradicating the contaminated soils from the subgrade of Arcade Street and the area adjacent to the existing abutment #1 of the Bridge Street Bridge. Thomas Drilling and Blasting mobilized to the site and began drilling for the verification micro-pile at abutment #2 of the Bridge Street Bridge.

Bridge Street Bridge

  • Drilling and installing micropiles underway. Seven out of 31 are complete.

Maine Avenue Bridge

  • Design-build plans are complete.

  • Reed & Reed set up a staging area to cast the abutment segments near the new pedestrian bridge.

Multi-use bridge (pedestrian bridge)

  • The pedestrian bridge was set on blocking while the pedestals cure.

  • Riprap was placed on the slopes.

Arcade DEP Work

  • DEP remediation continues on Arcade Street under the Bridge Street Bridge and due west. Excavation is done for now, though the DEP has applied for more funding to continue with the cleanup.

  • Work continues in collecting oil off the water surface.

Gardiner's Comprehensive Transportation Improvements Updates: 05-03-2019

Multi-Use Trail Bridge

Work will begin on Monday, May 6 at the abutment 1 side of Arcade Street.

The contractor will be closing one lane of traffic throughout the work day. Two-way traffic will be restored during the hours when there is no work. Flaggers will be on site to control traffic.

No weekend work is planned at this time.

Gardiner's Comprehensive Transportation Improvements Updates: 04-25-2019

Multi-use trail bridge project

Work is ongoing at the abutment 2 location. The contractor will place the subfooter, install rebar, place the footer and wet cure it.

Bridge Street Project

April 25 and 26th: Asbestos remediation is scheduled for the Chapman Fuel building.

April 29th to May 1st: Demolition of the Chapman Fuel building will begin. The sidewalk in front of the building will be closed during demolition, but there will be no impact to vehicular traffic.