Downtown Gardiner Schedule

Gardiner’s Comprehensive Transportation Improvements

MaineDOT will begin construction of a comprehensive set of transportation improvements in early 2019. This work will be completed at the end of 2020.

This schedule is tentative and will be refined as these projects get underway

Spring 2019: Short-term closures of Arcade near Maine Avenue and intermittent, single-lane closures of Maine Avenue.

  • Demolition of the remaining Gardiner Feed concrete foundations adjacent to the stream.
  • Work on the multi-use trail bridge near Maine Avenue (Single-lane closures on Arcade).
  • The multi-use trail bridge near Maine Avenue will be installed.
  • The multi-use trail will be extended to Arcade.
  • Demolition of Chapman’s Fuel.

Summer 2019: Single-lane closures at Bridge Street/Water Street/Brunswick Avenue intersection, and on Maine Avenue.

  • Foundation construction of the new Maine Avenue Bridge.
  • Temporary widening of the Bridge Street/Water Street/Brunswick intersection.

Fall 2019 – Spring 2020: Short-term (15 day maximum) full closure of the Maine Avenue Bridge for replacement. Full closure of Maine Avenue, with detour to Bridge Street, Arcade closed at Maine Avenue, and single-lane closures of Maine Avenue before and after the full closure period.

  • Maine Avenue Bridge replaced and ongoing bridge work will continue after closure.
  • Uncover existing traffic signals at Water Street/Church Street/Maine Avenue intersection for the detour.

Winter 2020: Arcade closed under Bridge Street.

  • Major utility work under Bridge Street in Arcade area.
  • Temporary foundation construction for new Bridge Street Bridge on the former site of Dennis’s Pizza on Bridge Street.

Spring 2020: Intermittent single-lane closures throughout the Route 201 project, including Arcade closure under Bridge Street.

  • Building Bridge Street Bridge foundations beneath the existing bridge.
  • Underground utility work including some night work along Bridge Street and Brunswick Avenue (Single-lane closures).
  • Final paving of the new Maine Avenue Bridge.
  • Bridge Street Bridge construction parallel to current bridge.
  • Begin construction of Bridge Street/Water Street/Brunswick Avenue signalized intersection.

Summer 2020: 30-day maximum full Bridge Street Bridge closure to demolish the existing bridge and “slide” the new bridge into place. Arcade closure under Bridge Street, and single-lane closures before and after the full closure period.

  • Bridge Street Bridge is replaced and ongoing bridge work will continue after the closure.

Fall 2020: Intermittent, single-lane closures throughout and nighttime finish paving.

  • Final paving and clean-up.
  • Complete landscaping and lighting on multi-use trail.
  • Maine Street/Water Street/Church Street Intersection Improvements – Safety improvements and the removal of the existing traffic signals.