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Project Updates

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11/22/2019: Belgrade Village, Route 27

The reconstruction of Belgrade Village, Route 27 is now complete. The project limits were: beginning at the intersection of West Road and Route 27 extending northerly 0.36 of a mile southerly of the Belgrade Lakes Bridge, #2062. The project included reconstructed roadway and shoulders, town ADA sidewalks and crosswalks, town sidewalk lighting, organized on street parking, and improved drainage. The Contractor was Pratt & Sons of Minot, Maine. Project cost: $3,086,000.00, WIN 18253.00

8/28/2019: Road Work to Resume in Belgrade Lakes September 3, 2019

Prime Contractor Pratt & Sons will begin work again in the Village. Subcontractor Davis Landscaping will return to finish the brick work on the sidewalks, and Collins and Collins will be on-site to complete the pedestrian lighting. September 16 and 17 are the tentative dates for surface paving of the main line and the road shoulders. After that, the contractor will work on striping, paving drives, cleaning catch basins and installing the silt prisons, placing sod, and finishing up other incidentals. The completion date for the project is October 19, 2019.

511 has been informed of the resumption of construction work so wider loads should be sent a different route. One-lane alternating traffic will be controlled by flaggers.

7/2/2019: Belgrade Lakes Village Update 07/02/2019

Since the beginning of June, prime contractor Pratt & Sons has been working six days per week. They finished installing all the granite curb and built all the sidewalks. They have placed loam on all the disturbed soil and all the driveways and private walks have been excavated, and gravel has been placed.

Subcontractor Davis Landscape Company has been on the project daily, placing the brick on the sidewalk. They will have finished most of the sidewalks by the summer suspension except for the West Road and a few other spots.

Subcontractor Fine Line Grading and Paving paved the bituminous base on the sidewalks, in the driveways and on private walks.

Law's, Inc., the seeding subcontractor, was on the project to seed mulch on top of the loam. Unfortunately, Pratt was not able to install the sod this month.

Wingate Landscape Company, another subcontractor, planted nine of the 13 trees called for in the contract and another two were provided to the project.

Subcontractor Collins and Collins had a problem because the bolt pattern they installed in the 24" foundations did not match the bolt pattern of the pedestrian light poles. As a result, the pedestrian lighting will not be installed before the mandated July/August suspension.

L&D Safety Lines painted the centerline, the temporary crosswalks, and the parking stalls. They painted hash marks at the widening by the bridge to indicate "no parking.

In September, the surface pavement will be placed; all the drives and walks will receive a surface course of hot top; sod will be installed, and any brick sidewalks not completed will be finished. Any private walks that were designed to receive something other than pavement will be addressed. The pedestrian lighting will be installed. The contractor may begin work again on September 3rd and the completion date for the project is October 19, 2019.

6/7/2019: Belgrade Lakes Village Update 06/07/2019

During May, the contractor finished setting all the 24" foundations for the pedestrian lighting and worked with the subcontractor to install the conduit to them. Most of the granite curb has been installed and most of the sidewalks with gravel have been built. Crews have excavated and placed gravel on all the drives in the northern half of the project. They widened the shoulder near the bridge on the Great Pond side for the fire department to access the dry hydrant in that vicinity. The contractor began installing loam on some of the slopes and lawns this week.

A subcontractor has paved the lower lift in most of the driveways and placed the 2 base for the brick sidewalks. A landscape contractor has been working on the brick sidewalks since May 22nd. Things are beginning to really look nice in that department.

The electrical subcontractor pulled wires through all the conduit and connected the wiring to the light bases. The subcontractor is currently working out a solution to a mismatch between bolt patterns on the poles and on the foundations.

The contractor will work six days a week in June. A subcontractor is scheduled to pave surface the week of June 17th. Landscapers will place sod within the next couple of weeks, with hydroseeding and mulching taking place in other areas. Sidewalk work continues, and sidewalk lighting installation will be scheduled soon by the contractor.

5/7/2019: Belgrade Lakes Village Update 05/07/2019

The ice is gone from the lakes and we are finally getting a break in the weather. The contractor has finished excavating the roadway and placing gravel, and has paved the base course on the north half of the project. Crews have continued to install light bases for the pedestrian lighting and granite curb. A good stretch of the sidewalk was built and paved with hot mix asphalt. This is the base for the brick work which will begin soon. A subcontractor has been installing conduit for the lighting and connecting it to the light foundations.

4/19/2019: Belgrade Lakes Village Update 04/19/2019

Road work resumed on Route 27 in Belgrade Lakes Village on March 25th.

Since that date, the contractor has completed all the closed drainage. Crews began excavating the road and placing the new gravel, began installation of the granite curb for the sidewalk, and installed some concrete bases for the pedestrian lighting. Next week's schedule includes finishing the excavation by April 26th, fine grading the gravel on April 29th and 30th , and beginning base paving on the north section of the project on May 1st.

11/28/2018: Belgrade Lakes Village Update 11/28/2018

Belgrade Lakes Village Suspending Work for the Year

  • Shutdown the week before Christmas, weather permitting.
  • Start up on April 15th or earlier, weather permitting.
  • In 2019, complete the closed drainage on the north end of the project. Box cut, add gravel to grade, and pave the base. On both ends of the project, install curb, build sidewalks, install lighting, plant trees, and put down sod and seed.
  • Contact for any issues is Anne Lowe 207-446-0951.

MaineDOT regrets this inconvenience and thanks you for your patience.

10/25/2018: Belgrade Lakes Village Update 10/25/2018

One-way alternating traffic will continue in the Village.

During the week of October 22nd: The contractor will complete the drainage from West Road to the south end of the project, and will continue with the road excavation from Hulin Street to the south end of the project. The electrical subcontractor will install underground conduit near the Union Church.

During the week of November 5th: The contractor will begin to fine grade gravel and pave the base.

All scheduling is weather dependent and subject to change.

10/5/2018: Belgrade Lakes Village Update 10/05/2018

Monday, October 8th and October 9th: The contractor has finished all the drainage on the Great Pond side of the project and will begin installing cross pipes near West Road.

Wednesday, October 10th to Friday, October 12th: The crew is expected to start installing the new catch basins on West Road and to begin the six-inch underdrain toward Augusta.

Monday, October 15th to Friday, October 19th: The contractor will continue to install the rest of the drainage on the Long Pond side of the project.

9/28/2018: Belgrade Lakes Village Update 09/28/2018

Thursday, September 27th: The contractor and an environmental waste removal company worked together to remove all the contaminated soil caused by the previously removed abandoned gas tank. The excavated material was hauled to an appropriate facility. Crews installed the drainage throughout this area to avoid having to excavate again. The regular work crew was installing drainage in front of the Union Church.

Friday, September 28th: The contractor will work with two crews. One will continue the run that was started in front of the church. The second one will install a catch basin in front of the building housing the CPA and the gift shop.

Monday, October 1st to Friday, October 5th: The contractor will continue with one crew to install drainage from the catch basin in front of the CPA toward Augusta.

9/20/2018: Belgrade Lakes Village Update 09/20/2018

Today, Thursday, September 20th, Environmental Projects, Inc. is removing the abandoned gas tank found last week at the site of a former gas station on the Great Pond side of Route 27 by the Hulin Rd. They are cleaning it, and bringing it to a site in Auburn that is licensed to handle such material.

The contractor could not work on the Long Pond side of the street, so they moved further south (toward Augusta) and are installing a catch basin across from the intersection with West Road. They will continue moving south on that side until the reach that end of the project limits.

9/20/2018: Belgrade Lakes Village Update 09/20/2018

On Thursday, September 13th, crews were installing a 24 - inch underdrain from the basin which outlets into Great Pond when they uncovered a buried gas tank. At first. environmental professionals thought that we could continue to work past it and remove it later. However, the gasoline odor became stronger as they took a few more buckets of soil. Therefore, it was determined that a company, trained in dealing with contaminated soils, would be called in and we are now waiting for an environmental firm to fit it in their schedule. This tank was found in front of a building on the corner of Hulin Road where decades ago, there used to be a gas station.

September 17 - 28 Crews are installing reinforced concrete pipe under Route 27 a to connect the Great Pond side with the Long Pond side of the road for drainage purposes. They will be moving southerly (toward Augusta) as they install 12-inch underdrain. The installation of new, modern drainage on the Great Pond side of Route 27 was slow going as the area was filled with large boulders. If there are fewer boulders on the Long Pond side, work will progress more smoothly and quickly.

News Releases

8/30/2019: Work To Resume on Route 27 in Belgrade Lakes


News Release for August 30, 2019

For more Information:
Paul Merrill, Public Information Officer - 207-624-3355 or 207-215-9297

BELGRADE - The Maine Department of Transportation will be resuming work on Route 27 in Belgrade Lakes on Tuesday, September 3rd. Crews will be working on the sidewalks, lighting, paving, and landscaping. The tentative dates for final paving are September 16th and 17th. The completion date for this project is October 19th. Drivers should expect an alternating, single-lane traffic pattern while crews are working. The contractor on this job is Pratt & Sons, Inc. of Mechanic Falls.


3/25/2019: Roadwork to Resume in Belgrade Village


News Release for March 25, 2019

For more Information:
Paul Merrill, Public Information Officer - 207-624-3355 or 207-215-9297

Belgrade - Work has once again begun on Rt. 27 in Belgrade Village. The work started today is expected to be completed by June 28, 2019. Should delays occur, the completion date will be pushed to October 19, 2019. No work will be allowed in the months of July and August and work will be suspended over Memorial Day Weekend.

Work includes completion of the closed drainage system of pipes and catch basins on both sides of the road which was begun last year; excavating the roadway, replacing the gravel base and placement of asphalt; installation of granite curb, building sidewalks and grading slopes behind the sidewalks; matching drives to new roadway pavement; installing pedestrian lighting and the planting of trees and shrubs.

Work originally started on the project in April of 2018 with removal of trees; work was suspended on June 30. Construction work resumed September 4, 2018 and continued until December 27, 2018 when winter suspension began.

The location of this project is narrow, especially at the bridge on the northern end. The contractor will use flaggers to control one-way alternating traffic. Eleven-foot lanes will be maintained at all times. Wider loads should be rerouted. Work is being performed by Pratt & Sons, Inc. of Mechanic Falls.