Belgrade Lakes Village Road Reconstruction

3/25/2019: Roadwork to Resume in Belgrade Village

Belgrade - Work has once again begun on Rt. 27 in Belgrade Village. The work started today is expected to be completed by June 28, 2019. Should delays occur, the completion date will be pushed to October 19, 2019. No work will be allowed in the months of July and August and work will be suspended over Memorial Day Weekend.

Work includes completion of the closed drainage system of pipes and catch basins on both sides of the road which was begun last year; excavating the roadway, replacing the gravel base and placement of asphalt; installation of granite curb, building sidewalks and grading slopes behind the sidewalks; matching drives to new roadway pavement; installing pedestrian lighting and the planting of trees and shrubs.

Work originally started on the project in April of 2018 with removal of trees; work was suspended on June 30. Construction work resumed September 4, 2018 and continued until December 27, 2018 when winter suspension began.

The location of this project is narrow, especially at the bridge on the northern end. The contractor will use flaggers to control one-way alternating traffic. Eleven-foot lanes will be maintained at all times. Wider loads should be rerouted. Work is being performed by Pratt & Sons, Inc. of Mechanic Falls.

About the Project

Route 27, through Belgrade Lakes Village, has not been reconstructed in more than 50 years. During the week of September 4, 2018, road reconstruction begins, stretching from the intersection of the West Road and Route 27 and extending northerly 0.36 miles to the south end of Belgrade Lakes Bridge. The project includes new utilities, new drainage, ADA-compliant brick sidewalks and pedestrian lighting. The project is a unique partnership with the municipality as well as a private non-profit group that has raised money for some amenities including the lighting and brick, rather than asphalt, sidewalks.

This $ 3.125 million contract was awarded to Pratt & Sons Inc. of Mechanic Falls, Maine. Work is allowed from 7 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. However, there may be times when the hours must be extended to 5:30, or Saturday work may be required. One lane of alternating traffic will be managed by flaggers so motorists should expect delays.