About the Project

The reconstruction and rehabilitation of Route 3 in Bar Harbor includes 4.8 miles, starting 0.57 miles west of Sand Point Road and extending easterly to Route 233. Work includes sidewalks, a multi-use path, paved shoulders, and several bus turnouts. After beginning in late 2016, construction is continuing throughout 2018, until completed in the spring of 2019. Work is planned to continue without a break during the summer/fall tourist seasons.

Continuous one-way loop detours have been designed to keep traffic flowing and to expedite the project. Detours will occur during certain phases of the project, as work progresses south towards Bar Harbor. Detour routes will include Route 233/Eagle Lake Road and Paradise Hill Road. Additionally, Route 233/Eagle Lake Road and Route 3/198 to Route 102 has been established as an alternate route and truck route. Ample signage is planned to assist and guide drivers. In anticipation of the Route 3 project detours, MaineDOT completed improvement of Route 233/Eagle Lake Road and has constructed a new turning traffic storage lane for Bar Harbor-bound traffic turning from Route 102 (Somesville).

The Bar Harbor Route 3 Project is estimated at $17.9 million. MaineDOT awarded the construction contract through a competitive bid process to Sargent Corporation based in Stillwater, Maine. In addition, utility companies are making improvements along the project route concurrent to clearing and drainage improvements.

When complete, the project will result in:

  • Paved shoulders for bicyclists and pedestrians
  • Some new sidewalks, and sidewalk improvements to meet ADA standards
  • Safer crossings, with electronic crossing signs
  • A new multi-use path along part of the project span
  • Where possible, a 3-foot wide esplanade between sidewalk/multi-use path and the road
  • New rock catchment area along the bluffs
  • Upgrade of intersection at Mt Desert St. and West St.
  • Improved drainage and runoff management
  • New road surface and striping