Maine State Rail Plan


MaineDOT recognizes that freight and passenger rail service is an important element of the state's transportation network. Rail links Maine to the national and international economies, provides safe and efficient movement of people and goods, while minimizing transportation related fuel consumption and air pollutions impacts. The 2014 Maine State Rail Plan (MSRP) is a multi-year guide for focusing federal, state and local investments on a rail system that supports the vision, goals, and objectives of this plan.

The 2022 rail plan update will be developed within a framework for state rail plans established by federal legislation and supporting guidance. It further includes an additional task mandated by Maine's 2021 legislative session, an analysis of the rail to trail or rail with trail conversions for certain state-owned rail assets that are currently dormant.


The 2022 Rail Plan update was formally kicked-off in October of 2021. The study process includes several rounds of stakeholder interviews, Rail Advisory Committee (RAC) meetings, and public meetings. The final Plan will be available in December of 2022.