Engagement - January 2023

Set yourself up for a Game Each you can Win Each Day

That means: Don’t over-schedule yourself. If you have 25 items on your To-Do list, and you can only realistically do 5 of them, then you need to shorten your To-Do list. If you don’t, you’ll subconsciously feel like you’re failing all the time, draining your motivation and energy, and stressing yourself out.

Keep your Energy Up and Productivity High at Work

You have only so many hours, and so much focused energy, in a day. So choose one, two, or three very important tasks you have to complete today, and do them. If you have time leftover, you can add more tasks to your list. And with your spare minutes, you can do things like check email and respond to short questions. But, if you do this the other way around – answering emails and questions and doing the less important things first, you’ll likely find that you’ve worked the whole day without getting any of the really important things done.

Take Care of your Overall Well-being

Employee engagement requires emotionally investing in what you do, and that requires a lot of energy. That energy comes from the rest of your life. So take time to do the things that energize you and fill you up, whether that’s making time to get to the gym, or spending weekends without looking at your smartphone. Employee engagement and employee well-being aren’t the same things, but they are connected.