Sleep and Great American SmokeOut - November 2020

Healthy Sleep Tips

(Sleep Foundation)

Start with small changes and work your way up toward healthier sleep habits, also known as sleep hygiene. To make these sleep hygiene improvements more approachable, they are broken down into four categories:

  • Creating a Sleep-Inducing Bedroom
    • Use a High-Performance Mattress and Pillow
    • Choose Quality Bedding
    • Avoid Light Disruption
    • Cultivate Peace and Quiet
    • Find an Agreeable Temperature
    • Introduce Pleasant Aromas

  • Optimizing Your Sleep Schedule
    • Set a Fixed Wake-Up Time
    • Budget Time for Sleep
    • Be Careful Taking Naps
    • Adjust Your Schedule Gradually

  • Crafting a Pre-Bedtime Routine
    • Wind Down For At Least 30 Minutes
    • Lower the Lights
    • Disconnect From Devices

  • Fostering Pro-Sleep Habits During the Day
    • See the Light of Day- Get Outside
    • Find Time To Exercise
    • Monitor Your Caffeine Intake
    • Be Mindful of Alcohol
    • Don’t Eat Too Late
    • Don’t Smoke