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Scavenger Hunt

Take a photo of each of the following

Complete submissions will be entered into a drawing for gift basket of prizes!

  1. A photo from your stretch break
  2. Your favorite hallway for indoor walking
  3. An image from your walk in the park
  4. Your healthy lunch
  5. The wellness room (1st floor)
  6. A wellness bulletin board
  7. The ChallengeME website
  8. Proof that you've been to or signed up for health coaching
  9. A photo from a wellness lunch and learn
  10. Your favorite bottle for drinking water
  11. A health-related news article or book (exercise, nutrition, etc.)
  12. Taking the stairs - photo from the 4th floor stairwell landing
  13. An exercise or food journal
  14. Your favorite color
  15. Your favorite co-worker
  16. Your cubicle
  17. The cafeteria or lunch room
  18. A snowflake or leaf
  19. Your favorite healthy recipe
  20. A holiday decoration

Submissions due December 28!
Email your photos to: (please number your photos ! )

Add More Happy to your Holidays

We all need healthy stress outlets all year long, especially during busy times in our lives and workday.
In this interactive session, Health Coach Hester Kohl will introduce you to a few simple tools that can help you take care of yourself during the holiday season and hopefully add a joy and not stress in your day.

Date: December 6 11:30-12:00
: Hester Kohl, OMC Health Coach

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To join the meeting:
Conference Number: 1-877-455-0244
Conference Code: 3325486654

Manage Your Time Better