MicroStation 2004/InRoads Downloads

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About this Configuration

In 2006 we began to update our configuration of MicroStation V8.5 (2004 Edition) for use with InRoads. We decided this was the perfect time to reestablish our MicroStation configuration to take advantage of some of the new enhancements within MicroStation V8 and also to take full advantage of InRoads. This new configuration can be found on this page. We are still maintaining the MicroStation V8.5 (2004 Edition) for use with MX (2004 Edition).

MicroStation V08.05.02.70 (2004 Edition) with InRoads Version

Please Note: We are no longer making adjustments to V8.1 configuration. All MaineDOT users are running V8.5 (2004 Edition).

Our MicroStation configuration includes numerous additions to the menu structure. However, all original selections, as provided by Bentley, are still included. We have made extensive use of Settings Manager and macros.

The files listed below should provide all the resources necessary to add the MaineDOT configuration to an existing MicroStation installation. We have designed our configuration such that our files are kept separately from Bentley's, and from any other configuration you might be using.

Due to the size of the data to be made available, we have split off some of the resources into separate zip files. If you would like to request a CD of our Custom Install disk, please visit the Contact page. These files are being provided in a compressed ZIP format, which is a widely used standard.

  • !msInRoadsconf - (ZIP): This file contains all of Maine DOT's MicroStation V8 Configuration. Even if you do not plan to implement Maine DOT's entire configuration, you can still download this zip and use the files you are interested in. (ZIP)
  • !msv8user - (ZIP): This file contains a "common" user profile and a template for making individualized MicroStation user profiles. Extract this zip file to the root of the C: drive.
  • !msproj - (ZIP): This file contains our current collection of project.PCF files. We use these files to set project-specific variables. Use the MASTER.PCF as a template for new PCF files. (ZIP)
  • InRoads_Data - (ZIP): This file contains the beginnings of MaineDOT's custom XML reports and the Text Import Wizard used to import our SDMS data.
Plan Sheet Renumbering Utility

The following Zip contains an install set for MaineDOT's Plan Sheet Renumbering Utility. This utility provides an easy way to organize plan sheets. Our "sheet file" DGN names begin with a 3 digit numerical prefix and an underscore. This program allows the user to arrange or rearrange the order of the sheets, insert placeholders, etc., then automatically rename the sheet files to reflect the new order in the updated prefixes.

Select Tidbits in smaller Zip Files

The following files contain selected portions of our resources that you can get without having to download the entire !msv8conf.zip file. These can be used when you are not installing our full configuration or when you are looking to update only certain files. Please note that these are the files for MicroStation V8.

  • cell - (ZIP): This file contains our cell libraries.
  • vba - (ZIP): This file contains our VBA macros.
  • macros - (ZIP) This file contains our MicroStation Basic macros.
  • seed - (ZIP): This file contains our seed files.
  • symb - (ZIP): This file contains our font and line style resource files.
  • data - (ZIP): This file contains the \Data folder from our MaineDOT workspace.
  • mdot_US - (XIN): This file contains all the InRoads preferences for our configuration. This may be updated frequently until all of the setting have been established.
MaineDOT Project Template

We are now sharing the template and instructions required to make the same kind of project folder structure that we use in-house. The template has a number of seed files built-in.

  • MAST_US_InRoad - (ZIP): Project template with seed files set for US Customary units (Survey feet and inches).
Spreadsheets Used in Plan Development

The following Microsoft Excel spreadsheets that are used in developing Indexes, Drainage Sheets, Earthwork Sheets and Estimates