this is a picture of the Beals island bridge

Beals Island Bridge Replacement Project

Beals Island Bridge #5500, located  on Bridge Street between the towns of Beals and Jonesport, Maine, was originally built in 1958 and has been programmed for replacement. 

May 26th, 2015 project public hearing information (PDF)

Estimated Upcoming Project Schedule
  • Formal Public Meeting: May 26, 2015
  • Advertise for Construction Bids: February 2017
  • Construction Begins: April 2017
  • Construction Complete: October 2018
Preliminary Public Meeting Minutes

A preliminary public meeting was held early in the project development process on April 29, 2014 to inform the public about the upcoming project, to answer their questions, and to gather feedback on various topics and concerns they had.

Preliminary Plan

Preliminary plans have been developed to show the recommended alternative. These plans will be presented at the upcoming formal public meeting where the recommended alternative will be explained in more detail. The public will have the opportunity to ask questions and offer feedback about the project.