Bill Summary Subject Areas

The following list of topics is provided to help you determine which committee handles particular subject areas. By selecting a committee on the right, you will jump into the acrobat file containing that committees bill summaries listed by their Legislative Document number (LD #). You will find a more detailed subject index at the end of the committee file.

Abortion Judiciary
Administration, Department of Education, State Board and School Governance, Education & Cultural Affairs
Administrative - Dept. Programs, Rules, Policies Marine Resources
Administrative Procedures: Rulemaking State & Local Government
Adoption Judiciary
Adult EducationEducation & Cultural Affairs
Aging and Long Term Care Health and Human Services
Air Quality/Auto Emissions Natural Resources
Alternative Education, Charter Schools and School Choice Education & Cultural Affairs
Animals Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry
Applied Technology EducationEducation & Cultural Affairs
Aquaculture Marine Resources
Attorney General/District Attorney Judiciary
Attorneys/Legal Services Judiciary
Banking Banking & Insurance
Bear Inland Fisheries & Wildlife
Bicycles Transportation
Boards and Commissions State & Local Government
Boating Inland Fisheries & Wildlife
Budget/Bond BillsTransportation
Business and Nonprofit EntitiesJudiciary
Business Development - Business AssistanceBusiness & Economic Development
Business RegulationBusiness & Economic Development
Business Regulation - Franchise LawsBusiness & Economic Development
Campaign FinanceLegal & Veterans' Affairs
CemeteriesState & Local Government
Child Protection/Adult ProtectionJudiciary
Child SupportJudiciary
Children's ServicesHealth and Human Services
Citizen Initiative ProcessLegal & Veterans' Affairs
City of Augusta; Capitol AreaState & Local Government
Civil ProcedureJudiciary
Claims Against The State Legal and Veterans' Affairs
Confidentiality/Public InformationJudiciary
Constitutional Amendments State & Local Government
Construction Business & Economic Development
Consumer Credit Banking & Insurance
CorrectionsCriminal Justice
County BudgetsState & Local Government
County GovernmentState & Local Government
County JailsCriminal Justice
Courts/Judges/Judicial AdministrationJudiciary
Criminal LawCriminal Justice
Criminal Law and Procedure (see also Criminal Justice)Judiciary
Criminal ProcedureCriminal Justice
Cultural AffairsEducation & Cultural Affairs
Curriculum, Instruction, Textbooks and TestingEducation & Cultural Affairs
DamsNatural Resources
Data Collection - Privacy IssuesBusiness & Economic Development
Debt CollectionBusiness & Economic Development
DeerInland Fisheries & Wildlife
DEP/BEP (including rules and enforcement)Natural Resources
Department AdministrationInland Fisheries & Wildlife
Departmental Organization and AdministrationHealth and Human Services
Departments and Agencies of State GovernmentState & Local Government
DioxinNatural Resources
Documents, Licenses, Permits and FeesState & Local Government
Driver's LicenseTransportation
Driver EducationTransportation
Driver's License SuspensionJudiciary
E-9-1-1Utilties & Energy
Economic Development - Job CreationBusiness & Economic Development
Economic Development - OtherBusiness & Economic Development
Economic Development - Planning InitiativesBusiness & Economic Development
Education - OtherEducation & Cultural Affairs
Election LawsLegal & Veterans' Affairs
Electricity (non-restructuring)Utilties & Energy
Electricity RestructuringUtilties & Energy
ElversMarine Resources
Emergency VehiclesTransportation
Employment Conditions - GeneralLabor
Employment Conditions - Health and Safety, Substance Abuse Testing Labor
Employment Conditions - MinorsLabor
Endangered SpeciesInland Fisheries & Wildlife
EnforcementInland Fisheries & Wildlife
Errors and Statutory CorrectionsJudiciary
Ethics & LobbyingLegal & Veterans' Affairs
Family Law (see also Child SupportJudiciary
Ferry ServiceTransportation
Firearms/WeaponsCriminal Justice
FishingInland Fisheries & Wildlife
Food Safety/Food LabelingAgriculture, Conservation & Forestry
Forestry - Forest Management/Forest PolicyAgriculture, Conservation & Forestry
Forestry - Logger LicensingAgriculture, Conservation & Forestry
Forestry - Maine Forest ServiceAgriculture, Conservation & Forestry
General Utility/Miscellaneous Utilties & Energy
GuidesInland Fisheries & Wildlife
Hazardous Waste/Hazardous SubstancesNatural Resources
Health CareHealth and Human Services
Health RelatedBusiness & Economic Development
HousingBusiness & Economic Development
Human Rights/Civil RightsJudiciary
Hunting: MiscellaneousInland Fisheries & Wildlife
Income MaintenanceHealth and Human Services
Indian Land Claims Settlement ActJudiciary
Insurance, HealthBanking & Insurance
Insurance, Motor VehiclesBanking & Insurance
Insurance, Regulation and PracticesBanking & Insurance
Involuntary Commitment/Mental Health/MentalJudiciary
Juveniles/Juvenile Code/Juvenile CorrectionsCriminal Justice
Juveniles/Juvenile ProceedingsJudiciary
Land UseNatural Resources
Land: Boundaries, Name Changes, Access, TransferState & Local Government
Landlord/TenantLegal & Veterans' Affairs
Law Enforcement Officer ReimbursementJudiciary
Law Enforcement/Public SafetyCriminal Justice
LeadNatural Resources
Legislative Review of RulesNatural Resources
Legislature and Legislative ProcessState & Local Government
License Plates - MiscellaneousTransportation
License Plates - New IssuesTransportation
LicensingInland Fisheries & Wildlife
Liquor LawsLegal & Veterans' Affairs
LobstersMarine Resources
Lottery/Gaming/Gambling/Harness RacingLegal & Veterans' Affairs
Maine Land Use Regulation CommitteeAgriculture, Conservation & Forestry
Maine Turnpike AuthorityTransportation
Manufactured HousingLegal & Veterans' Affairs
MedicaidHealth and Human Services
Medical TestingJudiciary
Mental HealthHealth and Human Services
Mental Retardation and Other Departmental DisabilitiesHealth and Human Services
MooseInland Fisheries & Wildlife
Motor Vehicle RecordsTransportation
MunicipalitiesMarine Resources
Municipalities and Quasi-Municipal Corporations State & Local Government
Naming Roads and BridgesTransportation
Natural GasUtilties & Energy
Natural Resources Protection Act Natural Resources
NuclearUtilties & Energy
Occupational and Professional Regulation Business & Economic Development
Official Items; Commemorative EventsState & Local Government
Oil and Petroleum Products Natural Resources
Operating Under the Influence/Motor Vehicle Violations Criminal Justice
Outdoor AdvertisingTransportation
PackagingNatural Resources
Parks and Public LandAgriculture, Conservation & Forestry
PesticidesAgriculture, Conservation & Forestry
Political SignsLegal & Veterans' Affairs
Postsecondary Education Finance and Student Aid Education & Cultural Affairs
Postsecondary Education Governance and Coordination Education & Cultural Affairs
PotatoesAgriculture, Conservation & Forestry
PrivatizationState & Local Government
Property and SecuritiesJudiciary
Protection from Abuse/Harassment Judiciary
Public HealthHealth and Human Services
Public Sector LaborLabor
PUC/Public AdvocateUtilties & Energy
RecordsState & Local Government
Recreational Vehicles:Snowmobiles/ATV's & Personal WatercraftInland Fisheries & Wildlife
RecyclingNatural Resources
RestructuringState & Local Government
Retirees Health InsuranceLabor
Retirement - Benefits, Plans and AlternativesLabor
Retirement - Disability and Life Insurance Labor
Retirement - EducatorsLabor
Retirement - Eligibility and Service Credit Labor
Retirement - Participating Local DistrictsLabor
Retirement System Administration Labor
SalmonMarine Resources
School BudgetsEducation & Cultural Affairs
School BusTransportation
School Construction, Facilities and BusesEducation & Cultural Affairs
School FinanceEducation & Cultural Affairs
Sea UrchinsMarine Resources
Seat BeltsTransportation
Secession/Annexation/Deorganization State & Local Government
SecuritiesBanking & Insurance
Sentencing/Sentencing Alternatives Criminal Justice
Septic SystemsNatural Resources
Sewer Districts/Sanitary DistrictsNatural Resources
Shoreland ZoningNatural Resources
Site LawNatural Resources
Sludge/SeptageNatural Resources
Solid Waste/Solid Waste Facilities Natural Resources
Special Education Programs and Finance Education & Cultural Affairs
State Contracts and Fiscal Procedures State & Local Government
State Employees and Employee Benefits State & Local Government
State OfficialsState & Local Government
State PropertyState & Local Government
Storm Water ManagementNatural Resources
SubdivisionsNatural Resources
Substance AbuseHealth and Human Services
Takings/Property RightsJudiciary
Teachers and Administrators Education & Cultural Affairs
TelecommunicationsUtilties & Energy
Timber Theft and Timber Trespass Judiciary
TobaccoLegal & Veterans' Affairs
Tort Liability - GeneralJudiciary
Tort Liability - Maine Tort Claims Act Judiciary
Tort Liability - Medical Malpractice Judiciary
Transportation PolicyTransportation
TrappingInland Fisheries & Wildlife
Truants and DropoutsEducation & Cultural Affairs
Trucks - GeneralTransportation
Trucks - WeightTransportation
Tuition Rates for Non-resident Students Education & Cultural Affairs
Unemployment Compensation and Employment Training Labor
Uniform Commercial CodeJudiciary
Vehicle Inspection/Equipment Transportation
Veterans' Affairs Legal & Veterans' Affairs
Veterans' Affairs CommitteeJudiciary
Victims' RightsCriminal Justice
Victims' RightsJudiciary
Water and Sewer (other than charter changes)Utilties & Energy
Water and Sewer Charter Changes Utilties & Energy
Water Quality/Water Pollution Natural Resources
WetlandsNatural Resources
Whitewater RaftingInland Fisheries & Wildlife
Workers' CompensationLabor

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