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2018 CTPC Draft Assessment, "Turbulent Time for Trade:  Impacts on Maine's Agriculture and Food Safety

  • Ms. Debbie Barker of Washington D.C., has been selected by the CTPC to author the 2018 CTPC Assessment.  The current working title is "Turbulent Time for Trade:  Impacts on Maine’s Agriculture and Other Critical Sectors".  As stated in her proposal to the CTPC, Ms. Barker's paper will address two primary themes:

    I. Direct Trade Agreement Impacts—List and summarize trade negotiations/agreements between the U.S. and other countries, such as the China deal cited above regarding processed chicken imports, that could impact Maine’s agriculture and forestry sectors.  

    II. Indirect Trade Agreement and Policy Impacts—List and summarize impacts of U.S. trade policies that may be outside the formal negotiation process as well as impacts of trade agreements between other countries that could impact Maine’s agricultural, and potential forest, economies.  (e.g, the Comprehensive European Trade Agreement—CETA—removed tariffs on Canadian lobster imported to the EU.)

    Whenever possible, Ms. Barker has agreed to try to address concerns raised by CTPC members such as the effect of recent tariffs imposed on certain U.S. imports.

     The schedule for delivery and completion of the 2018 CTPC Assessment is as follows:

    1. Ms. Barker will submit a draft version of the 2018 CTPC Assessment to the CTPC by September 7, 2018;
    2. CTPC members will then have an approximately 5 week opportunity to review the draft document;
    3. From 1 pm to 3 pm in Room 220 of the Cross Office Building in Augusta, Ms. Barker will present the draft document in person to the CTPC at a public hearing to be held in Augusta on October 15, 2018. The public hearing will be an opportunity for CTPC members and members of the public to ask questions, raise concerns and generally discuss the draft document.  Comments and discussions that occurred during the public hearing will be addressed by Ms. Barker in the final assessment document; and
    4. The final 2018 CTPC Assessment will be submitted to the CTPC by October 31, 2018.


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