Date FO # Purpose (from the Financial Order's "Statement of Fact") Sec.1507.1-4A Sec. 1507.5 Other TOTAL
      (See Note #1) (See Note #2) (See Note #3)  
Statutory Limitations/ Available Resources in FY 13:  $300,000 $50,000 $0 $350,000
7/19/2012 01051F13 Provides emergency funds to the Department of Corrections for expanded use of electronic monitoring in cases involving domestic violence pursuant to 5 MRSA 1507 4. ($18,000)
5/11/2013 01547F13 Provides emergency funds to provide support for the victims of the fires in Lewiston.  The funds will be paid to the United Way of Androscoggin County to support the Lewiston Fire Relief Fundpursuant to 5 MRSA 1507 4. ($50,000)
5/24/2013 01585F13 Provides funds for General Purpose Aid for Local Schools for the purpose of supporting suicide awareness and prevention in Maine's public schools pursuant to 5 MRSA 1512. ($44,000)
6/25/2013 01661F13 Provides funds for the Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence to support victim notification efforts pursuant to 5 MRSA 1507 4. ($100,000)
6/25/2013 01662F13 Provides funds to the Governor's Office account for assisting people recovering from chemical addiction.  Funds will be paid to Open Door Recovery Center in support of their treatment programs pursuant to 5 MRSA 1507 4. ($50,000)
SUBTOTAL - TRANSFERS ($262,000) $0 $0 ($262,000)
BALANCE $38,000 $50,000 $0 $88,000
Notes: * Reflects transfers made from the State Contingent Account, not actual expenditures;
(See DAFS or Executive Department F.O. files for copies of all Financial Orders);
1 Transfers up to $300,000 pursuant to 5 MRSA 1507, subsections 1, 2, 3, 4 and 4-A for DHHS Institutions, Construction, Purchase of Real Estate, Emergencies and MTCS (up to $100,000), respectively;
2 Transfers up to $50,000 pursuant to 5 MRSA 1507, subsection 5 for Promotion of Maine;
3 This category includes transfers authorized by 5 MRSA 1507, 7, paragraph 5, which authorize the Governor to use other available funds to meet "emergencies" consistent with those identified 1507, 4.  The source account is identified and transferred by financial order to the receiving account.  The maximum amount of transfers pursuant to this authority is $750,000.