Records of the Criminal Law Revision Commission
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Since at least the early 1960s, the Maine Legislature had considered a comprehensive revision of its criminal statutes. In 1971, the Legislature created the Criminal Law Revision Commission (see P&SL 1971, c. 147). The Commission began work in April of 1972, and the Maine Criminal Code was subsequently enacted by the 107th Legislature in 1975. In response to court cases and input from the Attorney General, district attorneys, and judges, the Commission proposed amendments to the new criminal code in 1976. 

The members of the Commission to Prepare a Revision of the Criminal Laws were appointed by Governor Kenneth M. Curtis. In an April 1972 meeting of the Commission, Attorney Jon A. Lund was elected to be chairman, Caroline Glassman was selected as vice chairman and Law Librarian Edith Hary was chosen as secretary-treasurer.

Various documents were organized and filed in a “Criminal Law” box held in the Maine State Law and Legislative Law Library and digitized in August 2020. The records include Commission Minutes, criminal code drafts, discussion, studies and correspondence.

Records Inventory - Box Contents:

  • CLRC107-01. 1 ˝ inch Black Binder includes Criminal Law Revision Minutes of meetings and two 1975 letters from Jon A. Lund, who was chairman of the Commission and Edith Hary, who served as secretary-treasurer to the Commission. The minutes were organized chronologically and the binder includes a finding aid for the committee minutes.
  • CLRC107-02. A black folder with some traces of attempts to study criminal law prior to the Criminal Law Revision Commission. The folder contains various material dating back to 1838 and includes some handwritten notes; letters; a news article; State of Maine Judicial Council Report 1961-62; Address of Governor Edward Kent January, 1838.
  • CLRC107-03. Manilla Envelope containing copies of 107th LD 314; 107th LD 2217; 107th LD 2333.
  • CLRC107-04. Cardboard binder containing the “State of Maine Commission to Prepare a Revision of the Criminal Laws” sent to the Commission Feb. 22, 1974. (pp. 794-933) w/ Table of Contents.

25 Manilla folders arranged chronologically with bill amendments, some handwritten notes and communications. The finding aid to the committee minutes is a helpful tool to navigate the folders:

  • CLRC107-05. June July 1972 pp. 1-41
  • CLRC107-06. Aug. Sept. 1972 pp. 42-87
  • CLRC107-07. Oct. 1972 pp. 88-142
  • CLRC107-08. Nov. 1972 pp. 143-161
  • CLRC107-09. Dec. 1972 pp. 162-293 (Includes State of Maine Commission to Prepare a Revision of the Criminal Laws” Draft Provisions for Consideration by the Commission on Dec. 1, 1972
  • CLRC107-10. January 1973 pp. 294-347
  • CLRC107-11. Feb. March 1973 pp. 348-465
  • CLRC107-12. April May 1973 pp. 466-497
  • CLRC107-13. June 1973 pp. pp. 498-513
  • CLRC107-14. July August 1973 pp. 514-612
  • CLRC107-15. Oct. 1973 pp. 613-647
  • CLRC107-16. Nov. 1973 pp. 648-707
  • CLRC107-17. Dec. 1973 Includes Informal Decision No. 575 and No. C-498 of the American Bar Association, Standing Committee on Professional Ethics. Also contains various letters and notes. No pagination.
  • CLRC107-18. Dec. 1973 pp. 708-749
  • CLRC107-19. Jan. Feb. 1974 pp. 750-793 and 934–957
  • CLRC107-20. March 1974 pp. 958-972
  • CLRC107-21. March April 1974 pp. 973-983
  • CLRC107-22. May June 1974 pp. 984-1060
  • CLRC107-23. July 1974 pp. 1061-1243 (Includes Draft Criminal Code July 1974 (pp. 1079-1243) (minus sentencing material)
  • CLRC107-24. Aug. Sept. 1974 pp. 1244-1272
  • CLRC107-25. Oct. 1974 pp. 1273-1303
  • CLRC107-26. Nov. 1974 Criminal Law Advisory Commission Draft Amendments for the 109th Legislature, 2nd Reg. Session pp.1-97

Three other envelopes:

  • CLRC107-27. April 1977 Criminal Law Advisory Commission - legislative documents amending sections of the Criminal Code.
  • CLRC107-28. Criminal Law Advisory Commission 1976-1979 Various communications.
  • CLRC107-29. Criminal Law Advisory Commission CLAC 1976-1978 Various communications, legislation.

*Also included are two reel to reel tapes of the following:

  • Criminal Code Public Hearing Bangor Feb. 20, 1975 and Lewiston Feb. 25, 1975
  • Criminal Revision Comm. Feb. 27, 1975 – Portland Law School
*These tapes have not been digitized.


This resource is provided by the Maine State Legislature 8/20/2020