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In establishing this service, we are selecting news stories that are:
  • Relevant and appropriate to the Maine Legislature
  • From established and balanced news sources
  • Timely (this page and feed are normally updated daily during the week at 10:00 am with the latest news)
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Director's note: Among the most valued collections in the Law and Legislative Reference Library are the 50+ years of news clippings on Maine's legislature and legislation. In past years, the Library circulated selected clippings in print to keep legislators and legislative staff informed on topics of particular interest. Now we are pleased to offer links to a daily selection of news articles for you to read on your computer or mobile device. We hope that this updated service helps you stay in touch with news relevant to developments in and around Maine's State House.

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NOTE: Beginning on March 18, 2020 this webpage will not be updated until further notice due to staffing levels during the Legislature's efforts to control the spread of COVID-19. Email updates will still be sent out to subscribers. See link to the left to subscribe to our daily email news updates.


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