Work Search and Unemployment

In order to remain eligible for unemployment benefits, claimants are required to actively search for work.

Many people believe that there is a set requirement for the number of contacts that must be made each week. This isn't true - the number of work search contacts is dependent on the economy for your area, your previous profession, and the work that you are trained for or have the experience to do.

Your work search is also dependent on the length of time you have been collecting benefits. After 10 weeks, you are expected to increase the range of work for which you seek. This may mean that you will need to seek jobs for which you would have to travel further, accept a lower wage, or that may be different than the work you have done in the past.

The work search log is your means of showing how you have met this requirement. Failure to return the work search log, or returning one that appears to be insufficient, will result in a fact-finding interview to determine whether or not you met the requirement. If we determine your work search was insufficient, we will retroactively deny benefits for those weeks. You would be required to repay the benefits you received during that time.

The Department can also assist with your work search.If you need help, please visit a Maine CareerCenter, where you can not only get help with your search, but you can also get help with resume preparation, interviewing skills, and other things for your search. CareerCenter locations, as well as some online services, are available at