Employment Outcomes for Maine’s Public Post-Secondary Graduates

This site displays first year wage and employment outcomes for University of Maine System and Maine Community College graduates from the 2009-2011 academic years. The information is intended to help a wide range of stakeholders, including students, educators, administrators, parents and policy makers, better understand the relationship between education credentials and labor market outcomes and other important labor market data.

The outcomes data includes the number and percentage of graduates employed in Maine and the wages paid to them. The data is available by school, credential and area of study, and is for quarters three through six post-graduation. Information on methodology, limitations of the data and definitions may be found in the technical notes.

The Maine Department of Labor, Center for Workforce Research and Information developed this system with grants from the Employment and Training Administration’s Workforce Data Quality Initiative and the Maine Department of Education’s Statewide Longitudinal Data System. Partnerships and collaboration with the University of Maine System and the Maine Community College System were essential in developing this tool.

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  • Employment Outcomes for Maine's Public Post-secondary Graduates - October 22, 2014 (Word) (PDF)
  • Wage and Employment Outcomes Data System - October 22, 2014 (PowerPoint)