About the Maine Department of Labor

Dear Maine Job Creators, Workers and Job Seekers:

Maine, and especially the Department of Labor, is committed to creating an environment in which you succeed.  From workforce development to workplace regulations, our goal is to make it easier for people to get the job done efficiently, safely, fairly, and in the highest quality way possible.

Our team at the Department of Labor is here to assist you in making that happen. Whether we are helping our workforce gain the right skills to meet the needs of current and future employers, ensuring that employers have a level playing field and comply with the law, or helping people laid off through no fault of their own get back to work, we are here to serve the people and employers of Maine.

Laura Fortman

The Maine Department of Labor promotes the safety and economic well being of all individuals and businesses in Maine by promoting independence and life long learning, by fostering economic stability and by ensuring the safe and fair treatment of all people on the job.