DATE:    May 17, 1999

Secretary of State Dan A. Gwadosky, Chair
Deborah B. Carson*, Financial Operations Officer, Judicial Branch
Richard Davies, Public Member
Tamara Dukes*, New England Interactive, Network Manager
Major Jeffrey Harmon, Department of Public Safety
Jaynie Higgins, Public Member
Robert A. Mayer, Chief Information Officer, Bureau of Information Services
Rudolph Naples, Deputy Commissioner, Department of Human Services
Gary Nichols, State Librarian
Richard Record, Director of Administrative Services, Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife
Anne B. Shink, Maine League of Women Voters
Lesley D. Sprague, Maine Association of Realtors

*non voting members

Mary N. Cloutier, Staff to InforME Board, Bureau of Information Services
Janet Grard, Technology Projects Coordinator, Office of Secretary of State

Additional Attendees:
Ed Benedict

Secretary of State Dan Gwadosky started the meeting by noting that the InforME contract had been signed and became effective 4/14/99. A copy was provided to attending members, and copies (of the contract and all other materials distributed) will be sent to members unable to attend. Anyone may receive a copy of the contract, and other materials by contacting InforME Board staff Mary N. Cloutier.

New England Interactive (NEI) President, Tamara Dukes noted that she has been encouraged by agencies reception here in Maine.

Tamara reviewed the draft General Manager�s Report, and the Board approved its format. She also called the Board�s attention to the draft NEI Y2K Compliance Policy. Following discussion, a motion by Jaynie Higgins, and second by Jeff Harmon, the Board unanimously approved the draft for inclusion with the Service Level Agreements (SLA) to be signed by the network and state agencies. Tamara noted that she is facing a "huge challenge" in finding qualified software developers and has made inquiries at the University of Maine Orono and Southern Maine campuses, Bowdoin, Colby and several other colleges.

Tamara also noted that the network would be using lock box services from Key Bank. She expressed concern that the invoices to InforME�s customers would therefore have an Albany N.Y. address. Following discussion, the Board accepted Tamara�s recommendation to:

1) add language to clarify that InforME was a Maine account, and

2) instruct readers to call NEI�s 1 Market Square, Augusta office with questions.

Next, the Board reviewed the Service Management Plan. Although a SLA has yet to be signed, the Bureau of Motor Vehicle batch and interactive driver licensing records will be the initial focus of the network. Chairman Gwadosky recommended that a special InforME Board meeting be called to review the provisions of this SLA, and Mary will e-mail Board members to set a date as soon as the SLA has been prepared and signed.

Members reviewed and discussed Tamara�s draft InforME Strategic Business Plan Outline. Several members concurred with Jeff Harmon�s suggestion that a one page InforME mission and 3-5 year vision statements was the best way to proceed. They felt that a more detailed strategic plan would flow from the mission statement, and members are invited to sent key points to included in the mission and vision to Mary. The Board endorsed Chairman Gwadosky�s suggestion of setting aside a half a day to develop the InforME mission and vision. Anne Schink volunteered to provide a list of facilitators for this work session. Mary will e-mail the Board with several proposed dates (late May - mid June), and will select the most convenient for the majority.

Privacy Draft

Robert Mayer reviewed the draft and invited members to start thinking about how to best position the InforME network particularly with respect to the Personal Identifiable Information section. The draft will be represented to the Information Services Policy Board next summer, and thereafter posted on the State�s home page. The Attorney General will be asked to review the entire policy, prior to its posting. Tamara offered to share the draft with others in her company, and the draft will be revisited in a future meeting.

Other Business

Chairman Gwadosky noted that LD 1867, which would have significantly revised the InforME enabling legislation was defeated by the House and Senate "under the hammer".

He had received an e-mail requesting that the Board�s web site be kept more current. Eventually NEI will have responsibility for maintaining the web site.

Anne Shink told the Board that a Vista Volunteer was surveying the needs of schools and libraries, and offered to share the data with the Board, when it is finalized.

The meeting adjourned at 3:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Mary N. Cloutier,  Staff to the InforME Board