The Information Resource of Maine


Minutes of the July 27, 1999 Meeting



Members in Attendance:Dan Gwadosky; Anne Schink; Linda Monica; Jaynie Higgins; Robert Mayer; Deborah Carson; Tamara Dukes.Also in attendance:�� Rebecca Wyke; Janet Grard; Paul Sawyer; Frank Hamil; and Ben Keating.



Tamara Dukes, General Manager for InforME, delivered the General Manager�s Report.She conducted a live demonstration of the InforME splash page, which may be viewed at��� Tamara explained that she desired to add a few more services before seeking any publicity on the page.A magazine format was used, but is likely to change as services are added.Tamara would welcome comments and suggestions on the splash page.Tamara was also the keynote speaker at a meeting of the state webmasters of which 20 were in attendance.


The Web Design proposal was prepared by Tamara Dukes in response to a request by Bob Mayer, State CIO, who has received a number of RFPs for web design services by state agencies.It was Bob�s hope that InforME might step up its schedule to offer web design if it were able to charge for these services and that state agencies would benefit from reduced costs for these services.Additional benefits would be that the various state web pages would begin to have a common �look and feel� to those navigating the site.Bob stated that the majority of state agencies utilize in-house staff to design their web pages, but about a dozen agenciescontract out for these services.State agencies that contract for web services pay between $6K and $30K annually, or about $75 per hour.In addition to offering a reduced price of $50 per hour to those agencies seeking web design services, InforME is prepared to offer free of charge web hosting, a style-guide and training to state agencies which design their own pages.Contracts for web design services between state agencies and InforME would not be service level agreements, however, the proposal itself indicating the cost per hour does constitute a service level agreement between the State and InforME and will require the approval of the Board.A copy of the proposal and a handout on services is attached.The members of the Board present unanimously approved the proposal.The Board also expressed its desire to reevaluate the need to charge for these services in 6 months.


The Board then discussed whether it should recommend to the Governor and the Information Services Policy Board (ISPB) that InforME assume responsibility for the design and maintenance of the state�s home page.If InforME assumes this responsibility, the migration of web sites from the Bureau of Information Services (BIS) to InforME will take 6 to 12 months and will need to be carefully planned.It was also discussed that the intention of InforME would be to provide enhanced services, such as a search engine, and a common style to the pages, but that state agencies would still maintain their own content.The members of the Board present unanimously agreed to recommend that InforME assume responsibility for the state government home page.


Because a quorum was not present, it was agreed that the absent members of the Board would be polled for their opinions on the recommendation on the state government home page and the Web Design proposal.If a majority approved of the recommendation on the state government home page, the chair would proceed to make the recommendation on the Board�s behalf.If a majority approved the web design proposal, Tamara Dukes would proceed with hiring a graphic artist in anticipation of an official vote on the proposed fees for web design at the September meeting.


A project prioritization model was distributed and a copy of the model is attached.Dan Gwadosky, Secretary of State and Chair of the Board, asked members to review the model prior to the September meeting and to forward any comments or suggestions in advance of the meeting.


The mission and vision statements were reviewed and the members of the Board present approved them as to form and content.�� A copy of the mission and vision statements is attached.




����� When:����������� Monday, September 13, 1999 from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.


����� Where: ���������� Office of the Secretary of State Conference Room, 1st Floor of the Nash School Building.


����� Agenda:���������� September Meeting

         General Manager�s Reports for August and September

         Project Prioritization Procedure

         Service Level Agreements:Ethics Commission - Campaign Finance Reports

��������� Inland Fish & Wildlife � Online Storefront

         InforME Strategic Plan


October Meeting

         Migration Plan for InforME hosting of state government home page

         Subcommittee on Legislation




Respectfully submitted,


Rebecca Wyke