State of Maine





TO:������������������������ INFORMATION RESOURCES OF MAINE (InforME) BOARD


FROM:������������������ MARY N. CLOUTIER, STAFF


DATE:������������������� October 28, 1999


RE:������������������������� MINUTES OF THE OCTOBER 20, 1999 InforME BOARD MEETING




Secretary of State Dan A. Gwadosky, Chair

Deborah B. Carson, Financial Operations Officer, Judicial Branch

Richard Davies, Public Member

Tamara Dukes, President, New England Interactive (NEI)

Major Jeffrey Harmon, Department of Public Safety

Jaynie Higgins, Public Member

Robert A. Mayer, Chief Information Officer, Bureau of Information Services

Rudolph Naples, Deputy Commissioner, Department of Human Services

Gary Nichols, Maine State Librarian

Richard Record, Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

Anne Schink, Maine League of Women Voters




Mary N. Cloutier, Staff to InforME Board, Bureau of Information Services

Rebecca Wyke, Staff to the Chair, Office of Secretary of State




Lisa Leahy, State Planning Office

David Blocher, Maine Department of Environmental Protection

Renee Loring, New England Interactive

Todd Tolhurst, New England Interactive



Following greeting comments, Chairman Gwadosky, turned the meeting over to Tamara who reviewed the InforME General Manager�s Report. Although BMV batch transactions are fewer than anticipated, the Interactive Driver Records, and Title and Registrations services (which were launched 9/1 and 9/20 respectively) have far exceeded projections. Tamara credited the success to the cooperative relationship between the Network and the Office of the Secretary of State.


Having recently returned from a National Information Consortium (NIC) planning session, Tamara announced that NIC is prepared to fund several new positions here in Maine in order to train the incumbents for potential network leadership roles in other states. In the coming weeks, she plans to hire a marketer, a Web site manager and a person with sufficient technical skills to become a Director of Development.InforME�s new Director of Development, Todd Tolhurst, (who plans to remain in Maine) will train this technically skilled person, on InforME projects.Having these individuals assist with InforME�s projects, without having to fund their salaries, will be a great advantage to Maine agencies.


The report was accepted by the Board.


InforME / State of Maine Portal


Tamara told the Board that she hopes to have the first draft of the technical migration plan to CIO Bob Mayer by November 4.During the interim, she has already met, or will be meeting, with BIS technical staff, the Webmasters Group, and the Information Services Managers Group to solicit input and comment.The InforME site will be �overhauled�, when it becomes the official State portal.Tamara is contemplating holding focus groups to discuss needed portal services with groups outside State government such as the Statewide Chamber of Commerce.Dan announced that he had recently given an InforME presentation to the Task Force to Study the Effect of Government Regulation on Small Businesses, and was planning to hold sessions throughout November at technical schools to brief legislators and other policy makers on recent InforME achievements.


Tamara also noted that 1) work was underway on the search engine, and 2) negotiations have started with Key Bank which will result in agencies eventual acceptance of credit cards on their Web sites.


Irrevocable Standby Letter of Credit (L/C)


Tamara called the Board�s attention to the provision of the master contract which reads:


�After NEI has successfully completed the first six months of the Service Management Plan, the L/C shall be reduced to 50% of its original value.�


Following a brief discussion, Dick Davies moved to allow NEI to reduce the L/C.The motion was seconded by Rudy Naples, and it passed unanimously.


InforME Security, and Subscriber Concurrent Use of User Names


The Board discussed these issues at length.Jeff Harmon moved, and Jaynie Higgins seconded the following motion, which was passed unanimously.


The InforME Board institutes a policy maximizing security and ensuring consistency for all subscription services as follows:


1.        There will be no concurrent use of individual subscriber user names (e.g. each user id may be used by only one individual at any given time),

2.        A management plan will be developed which will require each subscriber to designate an individual to be responsible for the:

account, and

internal distribution of user names and passwords,

3.        All new subscriptions will be issued in accordance with 1 and 2 above effective December 1, 1999 and

4.        All existing accounts will be transitioned in accordance with 1 and 2 above effective February 1, 2000.


Todd Tolhurst gave the Board a presentation which described how NEI plans to secure Web transactions through the use of its firewall, and Secure Socket Layer, which encrypts information while it travels the Web.


Other Business


Forms to reimburse non-State employee Board members� expenses were distributed.NEI will reimburse as follows:

         travel at State reimbursement rates (currently 24 cents/mile, 26 cents/mile effective January 1, 2000),

         lodging and meals (dinner and breakfast) on dates prior to morning Board meetings for members who travel more than 75 miles and

         per diem reimbursement at State rates (currently $55/day).


Reimbursement forms are to be submitted to Tamara Dukes in person, or mailed to InforME, One Market Square, Suite 101, Augusta, Maine 04330.


Dan suggested the Board appoint a subcommittee to monitor legislation, which could be of interest to members.Dick Davies volunteered, and other members who wish to participate on this subcommittee are invited to contact him to volunteer.


Members were asked to review the draft Strategic Plan, which Tamara distributed and to RSVP to her with comments by October 29.She will present an updated version, and a draft Annual Report to the Board at its next meeting.The dates for the next two meetings were set as follows:


         November 22, 1999 at 1:00 p.m. and

         December 17, 1999 at 9:00 a.m.


Lastly, the Board prioritized future agenda items, which had been identified at the June planning session.Confidential Information and Digital Signature issues were the first priority.Second would be a briefing on the ramifications/implications to InforME of the Freedom of Information Act, and Intellectual Property law was the third priority.


The meeting adjourned at 3:17 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Mary N. Cloutier

Staff to the Board