State of Maine





TO:������������������������ INFORMATION RESOURCES OF MAINE (InforME) BOARD


FROM:������������������ MARY N. CLOUTIER, STAFF


DATE:������������������� December 1, 1999


RE:������������������������� MINUTES OF THE NOVEMBER 22, 1999 InforME BOARD MEETING




Secretary of State Dan A. Gwadosky, Chair

Deborah B. Carson, Financial Operations Officer, Judicial Branch

Richard Davies, Public Member

Tamara Dukes, President, New England Interactive (NEI)

Major Jeffrey Harmon, Department of Public Safety

Jaynie Higgins, Public Member

Marilyn Lutz, Maine Libraries

Robert A. Mayer, Chief Information Officer, Bureau of Information Services

Rudolph Naples, Deputy Commissioner, Department of Human Services

Michael Pizzo, Maine Bankers

Richard Record, Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

Anne Schink, Maine League of Women Voters

Lesley Sprague, Maine Realtors




Mary N. Cloutier, Staff to InforME Board, Bureau of Information Services

Rebecca Wyke, Staff to the Chair, Office of Secretary of State




Carrie Gott, New England Interactive

Janet Grard, Office of Secretary of State

Jon Hardie, Circuit Rider

Elaine Stanley, Maine State Library



Following the introduction of Carrie Gott, NEI�s new marketing associate, Chairman Gwadosky, turned the meeting over to Tamara who reviewed the InforME General Manager�s Report.BMV batch transactions (night, bulk purchases) continue to be less than anticipated, the Interactive Driver Records, and Title and Registrations services continue to exceeded projections. Tamara has asked the Bureau of Motor Vehicles for a financial history to help understand why the batch sales numbers continue to fall short of projections.��

The report was accepted by the Board.


InforME / State of Maine Portal


Tamara hopes the first phase of the migration to NEI servers will be completed by December 6. The State of Maine Web site search engine is already in place and has been well received.The new �How Do I� service as well as an index of online forms and services are under construction. .Following the migration, the InforME site will be significantly redesigned prior to its becoming the State�s portal.��


Tamara referred to the fact that Utah held focus groups to discuss needed portal services with groups outside State government such as the Chamber of Commerce.Dan announced that he and Tamara had recently given an InforME presentation to the legislators in Calais, which was very well received.Additional presentations to brief legislators and other policy makers on recent InforME achievements have also been scheduled.Tamara has also met with the Departments of Human Services, Public Safety and Conservation to describe InforME.


Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (IF&W) Service Level Agreement (SLA)


Rick Record reviewed the provisions of the SLA, which commits the InforME network to develop and host an e-commerce storefront for the Department.Initially, this storefront will feature the online sale or ordering of licenses and permits, merchandize, and registrations.InforME will fulfill orders for licenses, permits, and registrations while the Department will fulfill merchandise orders, or contract with an outside firm for this service.Registrations for snowmobiles and All Terrain Vehicles (ATV�s) will be processed at the storefront as well.

InforME will also electronically deliver multiple public database records, within defined parameters, upon request for a fee.In addition a label service may also be offered at an additional cost. Upon approval, InforME will become an �agent of the state�, just like all the commercial enterprises that sell licenses on behalf of IF&W. [1]


Rick noted the SLA sections on credit card use were still being negotiated, and need approval from CIO Bob Mayer.However, Rick asked the Board to approve the SLA, and to revisit the credit card sections later.Rick also said that IF&W was in the midst of reengineering how they accomplish their mission, and representatives from InforME have been invited to join the team.


Board members asked how many licenses are sold each year.Rick responded that approximately 500,000 hunting and fishing licenses, and 150,000 snowmobile and ATV registrations are issued annually by agents.He noted the Moose Lottery, and boat registrations would probably be added to the electronic storefront following the reengineering effort.


Lesley Sprague asked what the impact of approving the SLA would be on the other 12,000 agents.Rick thought it would initially have a minimal impact, until InforME developed the software to enable customers to use their credit card and thereafter print the license locally.Jaynie Higgins, citing years as an hunting/fishing agent while a small business owner in Millinocket, said most agents view marketing hunting and fishing licenses as a public service, and do not make money on the transactions.She felt the actual processing fees to small businesses fell in the $3-$4 range (when time was factored in), and were generally considered a �loss leader� and a way to attract people to the store.


Dick Davies moved to accept the SLA, with the understanding there will be modifications to sections five and six at a later date.The motion was seconded by Jeff Harmon, and it passed unanimously.


Annual Report


A photograph was taken of members to include in the first annual report due to the Legislature in January.Tamara provided an proposed outline, which includes the following sections:Chairman�s message, background information on building the Network, organization and funding[2], mission and vision statements and achievements to date, description of Network future directions, and listing of the InforME Board membership.In response to a question by Anne Shink regarding services to depositary libraries[3], Tamara noted that in mature networks, premium services account for less than 1% of revenues, and that �push technology� applications like �Lobbyist in a Box� are the likeliest candidates for development.To date, no premium services have been developed in Maine.Tamara suggested that she could meet with libraries when the first premium service(s) are being developed to ascertain which services they would want to access.


Strategic Plan


The Board reviewed the draft and suggested minor revisionsMary, do you have notes of the revisions?.Tamara envisions cross agency applications will lie ahead.Portions of the strategic plan will be incorporated into the annual report, as suggested by members.


Other Business


Marilyn Lutz inquired as to members� responsibility with respect to providing copies of InforME Board public information materials to the public upon request.Chairman Gwadosky said that a request has been made to the Attorney General�s office to clarify members� responsibilities under the Freedom of Information Act.Mary Cloutier expressed concerns that members could inadvertently omit requested materials.Mary expressed a continuing willingness to provide InforME materials to anyone on request.The Board will discuss whether or not a policy is needed following the response from the Attorney General�s office.


The next meeting is scheduled December 17 at 9:00 a.m. at the Nash School.Anticipated agenda items include:


         update on batch totals

         text of the annual report, and

         SLA and Memorandum of Understanding between InforME and the Department of Professional and Financial Regulation.


The meeting adjourned at 2:58 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Mary N. Cloutier

Staff to the Board

[1] The Department has historically charged fees for special requests, and labels.The fees have been based upon costs of creating the requested information.Agents of the State receive a $2 fee for processing each hunting and fishing license, as will InforME.

[2] (including the list of services and fees, criteria for determination of premium services and analysis of the feasibility of offering premium services at no charge to depository libraries as required by law)

[3] 14 M.S.R.A. Section 534 L requires �� In its January 1, 1999 report, the board must also include an analysis of the feasibility of offering premium services at no charge to depository libraries or other libraries in the State.�