TO:������������������������ INFORMATION RESOURCES OF MAINE (InforME) BOARD


DATE:������������������� December 21, 1999

RE:������������������������� MINUTES OF THE DECEMBER 17, 1999 InforME BOARD MEETING


Secretary of State Dan A. Gwadosky, Chair

Deborah B. Carson, Financial Operations Officer, Judicial Branch

Richard Davies, Public Member

Tamara Dukes, President, New England Interactive (NEI)

Marilyn Lutz, Maine Libraries

Robert A. Mayer, Chief Information Officer, Bureau of Information Services

Linda Monica

Anne Schink, Maine League of Women Voters

Lesley Sprague, Maine Realtors


Mary N. Cloutier, Staff to InforME Board, Bureau of Information Services

Carrie Gott, Staff to InforME Board

Todd Tolhurst, Staff to InforME Board

Rebecca Wyke, Chief Deputy, Office of Secretary of State


Elaine Stanley, Maine State Library, for Gary Nichols


Chairman Gwadosky, offered a brief welcome before turning to the first item on agenda, the General Manager�s Report:

In the marketing section of the report it was noted that the presentations made at technical colleges throughout the State of Maine have concluded.Overall, these presentations were met with great enthusiasm from the legislative audiences.The road show included, Bangor, Calais, Fairfield, Presque Isle, Auburn, Wells, and South Portland.In addition to these, presentations were also given to the Department of Conservation, the Greater Portland Chambers of Commerce, and the Society for Professional Journalists.��

Web design projects include sites for the Secretary of State, Governor King, State of Maine, Bureau of Banking, and Office of Licensing and Registration.

Relationships with Senators and Congressmen are being built, with a visit from Congressman John Baldacci and an invitation extended to Senator Olympia Snowe. Additionally, Deb Cook from Maine Science and Technology Foundation has made a visit to the InforME offices.

��������������� In the technical section of the report, Todd Tolhurst, Director of Development at InforME, stated that migration of the Webster server was completed on December 8th, 1999, and that all is running smoothly.The only technical challenge has been with two agencies that are using software that is no longer available.For one agency, a solution has been found.The other agency�s software will either be located, or another strategy will be implemented.Until then, the data will remain on the Webster server at BIS.

Stage two of migration will entail moving the contents of the �Janus� server to InforME.This move is in discussion stages.

There is interest for online audio and video capability.Currently, it is possible to post recorded broadcast, but live audio or video requires more research.InforME is researching the option of outsourcing for greater bandwidth.

Upcoming projects are as follows:

n       Judicial Branch Violations Bureau.Make available to the citizen traffic ticket violations records, with the ability to pay fees and fines online. Looking into the application. This would be a great citizens service.

n       Vanity Plate Application complete.Waiting for launch approval.

n       InforME / State of Maine Portal site design.

n       UCC/Corporations Services

n       PFR SLA & Services


IF&W Service Level Agreement Approval: Payments accepted by credit card � Discussion as to whether we need to involve the Treasury.IF&W will get a wire transfer on the 15th of every month. Send electronic report and wire, no paper bill involved.IF&W should address this with Treasury. InforME is currently replicating the paper process for licensing, but would like to move to an electronic system.

We will put the Service Level Agreement in next agenda to be voted on by the Board.


Annual Report draft: Annual Report will serve as a marketing piece, very graphical, give overview of InforME.Board will look over the report and make recommendations and comments.Will be available in January.


Approval of the Strategic Plan.Board members comments:

a.       Put in newest results since Plan was written.

b.       Add future projects approved by the Board, rapid renewal, UCC, and list future applications under consideration.

c.       Present next version at next Board meeting


Other Business


Freedom of Access Law���� The information held by Board members that would be considered "public information" is essentially anything received or prepared that constitutes the conduct of public business in connection to your service on the InforME Board.Therefore, copies of agendas, minutes, and other information sent to you by Board staff or the Board chair is clearly public.Personal notes you have taken for your own use are not public information.Unless Board members have other information they feel falls within the above definition of "public information", they can simply refer requests falling under the freedom of information act to the staff of the Board for response.Additionally, you may refer interested persons to the Board�s web site as the minutes and agendas for meetings are posted there.


Question: Are there requirements for the Board when giving presentations as to what we are allowed to say about InforME?

Answer: Free to speak and represent InforME as a member of the Board.Can always refer requests for presentations or information to SOS or InforME if you prefer.


Question:What about SLA that have not yet been approved by the Board, are these public information.

Answer:Anything given to the Board becomes a public record. Should use discretion with SLAs, which have not yet received the approval of the Board, but these are public documents. Draft SLAs should be stamped �DRAFT� to insure they are not construed as official.


Final draft of the Blue Ribbon Commission report presented.Board may want to recommend that to help agencies absorb the credit card fee, need to increase fees.Credit cards may not be for a while, so there is a need to create incentives for electronic payments.


A pilot is being organized by the Secretary of State for the Rapid Renewal Project.Twenty-eight municipalities have applied so far.


Bob Mayer will be leaving BIS at the end of January, 2000. Bob has been integral to the InforME initiative.We have been very grateful for Bob�s leadership in the State and on the Board. He will be greatly missed.



Dates for future Board meetings:



Happy Holidays!