TO:������������������������ INFORMATION RESOURCES OF MAINE (InforME) BOARD


DATE:������������������� MARCH 22, 2000

RE:������������������������ MINUTES OF THE MARCH 22, 2000 InforME BOARD MEETING


Secretary of State Dan A. Gwadosky, Chair of the Board

Deborah B. Carson, Financial Operations Officer, Judicial Branch

Tamara Dukes, President, New England Interactive (NEI)

Jaynie Higgins, Public Member

Marilyn Lutz, Maine Library Association

Rudolph Naples, Deputy Commissioner, Department of Human Services

Richard Record, Jr., Director of Admin. Services, Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife

Anne Schink, Maine League of Women Voters

Lesley Sprague, Maine Association of Realtors

Val Wood, Bureau of Information Systems




Carrie Gott, Staff to InforME Board

Todd Tolhurst, Staff to InforME Board

John Rusinak, Staff to InforME Board

Rebecca Wyke, Chief Deputy, Office of Secretary of State


Elaine Stanley, Maine State Library, for Gary Nichols

Mary N. Cloutier, Bureau of Information Services


Chairman Gwadosky, offered a brief welcome before turning to the first item on the agenda, the General Manager�s Report:

The Legislative Council is meeting today to recommend that they do move with the Janus box to the offices of InforME.

Project matrix includes the upcoming services of Driver Cross Check, Rapid Renewal, Corps/UCC, IF&W Special Request and Merchandising will begin soon. Posted Roads, and IF&W hunting and fishing sites are complete and live on the Web.Design services are going well, and we are delivering good products, thus helping to form good relationships with agencies.


The InforME Strategic Plan

The strategic plan has been completed, and will act as an ongoing, changing document.The Board accepted the Strategic Plan in a unanimous vote.


New Business

Approval Update to SOS Service Level Agreement:


Letter of Intent for Services to the Judicial Branch


InforME technical support services

The list was shared with the Board.


Legislative issues � Secretary of State Gwadosky offered an update on current, pertinent state legislation, including an increased band width at state universities, issues surrounding privacy statements, confidentiality, e-commerce, infrastructure, and a technology strategy. There are specific bills to allow for digital signatures, an e-transactions act, and the adoption of credit cards. The Appropriations Committee is also considering a proposal to tie municipalities to the Internet.


Privacy Statement draft was discussed. Becky Wyke will coordinate with Janet Waldron�s office so that it is user friendly to the audience of the Maine state site.



Next scheduled meetings:


Tuesday, April 25th, 1:00 p.m.

Wednesday, May 24th, 1:00 p.m.