General Manager�s Report

April, 2000

















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�������������� Management Report������������������������������������������������������������������������� 3




Marketing Report������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 5




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��������� �����Financial Report������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 9




���������� �� New/Outstanding Issues������������������������������������������������������������������� 10������������������� �����������������������������������





















Launch of New State Homepage Design

On March 29th, Governor King and Secretary Gwadosky launched the new state homepage design.Governor King used one of our favorite themes, encouraging citizens �don�t stand in line, get online.�The design has been very well received among the public.Here are some examples of feedback we�ve received:


Positive feedback:


Negative feedback:


Connectivity Issue

We have been addressing a very serious concern regarding connectivity between InforME and the state WAN.Performance has been less than desirable, so BIS and InforME met to address concerns and will take steps to alleviate the problem.BIS has ordered an additional T-1 connection between our networks exclusively to be used for browser traffic only.This service will replicate the connection state employees previously enjoyed.InforME believes that state agencies and employees are among the most important of customers for the state homepage, and as such, deserve the highest level of service possible.


Revenue Anomaly

March was a very exciting month from a revenue perspective.We finally met our batch goal for the month (a first) and set records in nearly every other service as well.Further, we had an exceptional month in the BMV Special Request service.A major customer had been considering using the Special Request service, but had stayed away, evaluating the price issue.They have decided to continue to provide services to their clients requesting data from Maine, so ordered several months� worth of data.So while we certainly can�t expect the same revenue levels next month, it was well received in March.


New Focus

As we passed our first anniversary this past week, we are experiencing a shift in focus from the internal to external issues.Whereas our focus was necessarily internal for the first year (establishing network configuration, connectivity, design and construction of the new homepage), now we are able to direct our attention outward (marketing of existing services, development of new services, beginning relationships with user associations and community groups.)Expect to hear much more about these initiatives in the coming months, most of which will be encapsulated in our marketing plan, which is set for completion by the end of April.






Web Design Projects

The Maine state Web portal launch was a success.The design team has been committed to fielding feedback and accommodating requests for content changes from state agencies. Design work has also continued on the following Web design projects:


State of Maine

Launched March 29th.Constant editing and improvements to the site will be ongoing. In the immediate future, we intend to increase the photo gallery, rebuild the InforME pages, add a multiple-paged �Webmaster Galley�, and create an option for users to customize the site, among other basic editing updates.


Office of Licensing and Registration

Our designer continues to populate the site with content. The development team has also successfully built an interactive renewal form that will enable licensed professionals to renew current licenses Online. Site completion is dependent upon content delivery.


The Department of Agriculture, Marketing and Production

The Web design is in its revision stage. This is a free service project due to the extensive search capability found throughout the site. The expected launch is mid-April.


The Department of Public Safety

The prototype is in its revision stage. We hope to finalize this design by the middle of April.No delivery date has been specified at this point.


The Department of Public Safety � Bureau of Drug Enforcement

Initial information gathering with the agency team has been held, followed by the project quote and its acceptance. Team will wait until the Department prototype has been accepted before beginning work on this piece.


The Department of Public Safety � E911

Initial information gathering with the agency team has been held, and the project quote delivered. The Bureau is still reviewing the quote.


Department of Education

The project quote has been accepted and a design prototype will be delivered this week. This will be a new site for school health programs. This site crosses agencies and will act as a communication center for school districts, school boards, state employees, and youth involvement committees.


Online Web course

We will be offering a six part, online course that state employees can complete at their convenience. Jari Feldt will be building and instructing the course. We intend to deliver the URL on May 15th.


Department of Economic and Community Development

We met with the Business Answers group to discuss InforME services in relation to the possibility of automating this service on the Web, as well as presenting the idea of building a Web site.

Other Meetings/Presentations


In addition to the many meetings surrounding the development of the projects we are working on, as well as meetings with supporting agencies like BIS and the webmasters group, below is a list of first-time meetings or presentations.


3/22/00 � �eGovernment and the Law� � presentation to USM Law School class

Board member Linda Monica was kind enough to allow Tamara to be a guest lecturer to her class.It was a great opportunity and actually provided a great forum for some discussion on the salient legal aspects surrounding our business including privacy, security, contract issues, etc.


3/23/00 � Maine Science and Technology Foundation �

We met with the contracting developers for this site and have worked out more of the details for InforME to host this very important state website.


3/28/00 � Presentation � EDCM (Economic Development Council of Maine)

InforME was honored to be included on the dais with the president of Bell Atlantic at the March meeting of the EDCM in Auburn.In spite of the fact that the power went out, the presentation went very well and actually spawned two new relationships:one with the Kennebec Chamber and the other with Brian Dancause of DECD.


4/11/00 � Meeting with staff from DHS�s Division of Support Enforcement and Recovery

These folks from child support were and are very interested in existing InforME services and future ways in which we might interact in a mutually beneficial capacity.Stephen Hussey, Director, was interested in sharing InforME with his regional group, so plans to present some of our information at a meeting later this month.


4/12/00 � Business Answers � DECD

Business Answers is a wonderful service, based out of DECD.This meeting was by invitation from Brian Dancause, who saw the InforME presentation at the EDCM meeting mentioned above.We are interested in seeing how InforME can help promote this service, and/or how we might �webify� their one-stop shop for business licenses and permits.






        Training Programs being developed

        Overwhelming response.Online format will now be offered.

                    Data interchange, software issues, internal requirements.

                    Coordination sessions with Electronic Registration Vendors of Statewide BMV Systems.Three sessions completed; one remains (Atlantic Turnkey).

        CEC � UCC and Corp. bulk outputs.Have researched and collected format samples from other NIC state portals and have initiated customized programming.Further refining application requirement discussions.���

        Child Support � BIS and DHS.

                    Provided DHS with a free interactive account to access driver records.

        Violations Bureau � IVR (Interactive Voice Response) System.

                    Identified requirements and action items to move AT&T Conversant box to InforME.

                    Researching infrastructure capabilities to facilitate all required communications between InforME and Lewiston Customer Service during IVR transactions.



                    CCVS will serve all premium online credit card services (non-subscription).




Special Request

Sarah�s expanding proficiency with the system and customer user base has continued the momentum of significantly improved turnaround time and overall customer service on BMV special request order fulfillment, even with an increase in order flow.




Project Status







March, 2000









Month ending

YTD ending

























������������������������������� VARIANCE FROM PLAN






Revenue Contribution (Current Month)



���� BMV (Batch)



���� BMV (Special Request)



���� BMV (Interactive & other)



����������������������� �������������IF&W and subscriptions



������������������������������������ Web Design


































































Approval of new CEC service fees

We hope to bring pricing to the Board for this next round of services.


Portal Committee Discussion

We want to make the Board aware of a strategy we are implementing with regard to inquiries about the portal.





        Project Matrix





Respectfully Submitted,


Tamara Dukes

Network General Manager