TO:������������������������ INFORMATION RESOURCES OF MAINE (InforME) BOARD


DATE:������������������� April 25, 2000

RE:������������������������ MINUTES OF THE APRIL 25, 2000 InforME BOARD MEETING


Secretary of State Dan A. Gwadosky, Chair of the Board

Deborah B. Carson, Financial Operations Officer, Judicial Branch

Tamara Dukes, President, New England Interactive (NEI)

Major Jeffrey Harmon, Department of Public Safety

Janie Higgins, Public Member

Marilyn Lutz, Maine Library Association

Michael E. Pizzo, Representing a User Association

Anne Schink, Maine League of Women Voters

Lesley Sprague, Maine Association of Realtors

Richard Hinckly, Bureau of Information Systems




Carrie Gott, Staff to InforME Board

Todd Tolhurst, Staff to InforME Board

John Rusinak, Staff to InforME Board

Rebecca Wyke, Chief Deputy, Office of Secretary of State


I. Connectivity



II. Revenue goals have been exceeded this month. One new customer did purchase several months worth of data, which created an unusually large billing cycle. After June, the opt-out will limit the InforME customer base, but InforME should continue to serve most of the high-volume regular customers.


III. Marketing


IV. Web design projects


V. Project matrix (please refer to the General Manager�s Report matrix)
















VI. Other


InforME is building an online class that will be available on the Maine state site. In addition, InforME will build an application that allows Webmasters the ability to put small databases online.


InforME designed and posted a banner advertisement on to promote the purchase of fishing licenses online. It has proven to be very successful placement since the advertisement paid for itself in increased transactions.


Question: What are the hit statistics for the Maine site since InforME took management?

Answer: Difficult to measure because InforME, Webster and Janus are currently separate. Once combined, it will be easier to measure the number of visitors to the site.


VII. Board vote

This InforME service will open the UCC/Corp database to business customers. Data will be updated on a daily basis, versus what�s available now, which is updated once a month.


Will be offered at a price well below the national average.


The short-form and long-form will be available. An authenticating logarithm, as well as a graphical representation of the State Seal will enable users to print certificates from their own printers.


Potential customer base for CEC services is very large. Many of these services have been requested for years. In fact, the need for this service was what prompted the genesis of InforME.


Vote: Services and pricing passed unanimously by the Board.


VIII. Web portal standards



IX.�� Secretary of State Gwadosky offered a legislative update on pertinent initiatives:





X. Presentations