General Manager�s Report

May, 2000

















���������������� ������ REPORT ��� ����������������������������������������������������������� ������PAGE #



�������������� Management Report������������������������������������������������������������������������� 3




Marketing Report������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 5




�������������� Technical Report������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 8




����������� ���Financial Report������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 9




���������� �� New/Outstanding Issues������������������������������������������������������������������� 10������������������� �����������������������������������





















Connectivity Issue Resolved

An additional T-1 connection from BIS to InforME was installed and activated, resolving the difficulties in connectivity experienced by state employees.We are still working on our ISP analysis to make sure that InforME�s service through SprintLink provides the best possible service to citizens and businesses in Maine and elsewhere.


On April 27, 2000, InforME emailed a request to all those (approximately 50 users) who had once visited the State Web portal, completed the Feedback form, and requested to be added to the newsletter. In the InforME email, a request was made to these users to help test the connectivity and loading time of the Maine State Portal. These were the results:


Connectivity�������������� Load Time����������������� ISP���������������������������� �� Modem/Browser����

18 seconds

21 seconds




45 seconds (25 for all but postcard image)



10 seconds

Slow due to photo image



Very quick

75 seconds (all but the photo image took 15 secs)







5 Seconds

5 Seconds

UMaine WAN

T1, IE5 browser

1 Minute, 45 seconds

2 minutes

UMaine WAN

IE5 browser


In response to the general response of the postcard loading slowly, we have compressed the image and removed the low resolution image that appeared while the true image was downloading. We believe that this will reduce loading time tremendously and bring us within the time frame we promise (30 seconds).


Webmaster Services

This month we launched the Webmaster Galley ( special feature designed to assist webmasters in doing their jobs.This and the other webmaster services we provide are all designed to further us in our strategic goals with regard to Portal Development.If we put the right tools in the hands of the webmasters, they will improve their own web pages thereby improving the overall appearance and function of the State Portal.


Web Stats

We will add web statistics to the General Manager�s report.It will be in the Technical Report section.Bear in mind that these will increase once we have the Janus server in our shop.


New Services

We are very excited to be launching services on behalf of OLR (Office of Licensing and Registration) and CEC (Corporations, Elections, & Commissions).Both agencies have several projects in process.This represents the first major interactive applications, designed primarily for businesses, which are not specific to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.By the fall, after we have launched both Rapid Renewal and Online Traffic Violation payments, InforME will have a broad suite of services for both citizens and businesses at a comparable ratio.While this is often the goal in Portal development, it seldom works out that way in reality.This is excellent news.


Revenue Healthy

April continues our very good revenue trend.So much so, that we are hiring yet another position.�� The position will be a systems administrator/web developer.This person will alleviate much of the burden on Todd Tolhurst, Director of Development, who has been doing the work of about four people.We do not see a decrease in requests for services on behalf of agencies, and our support demands have increased significantly since we took over hosting of agency websites.This additional position is actually overdue, but seemed imprudent until revenue stabilized.





Conference/Tradeshow Strategy

Our first tradeshow appearance will be this month at the Blaine House Conference on Small Business Development.We have worked very hard to create a display/presentation/support materials that will work together to make the best possible impression for InforME at this and future venues.Our strategy includes:

         Tabletop display with screen to project and demonstrate State of Maine Web portal and egovernment services (live, online)

         Print materials to reinforce url and services

         A computer sign in and drawing to collect a database of contacts of future customers and/or survey participants

         InforME coasters which are made from mouse pad material

         Giveaway for this conference is a webcam.It is a great gift and was not very expensive.The webcam will be on display at the conference as well.

Web Design Projects

The design team has been committed to creating free, in-house services this month. Time has been dedicated to the creation of a Web master galley in which online tutorials, resources, and information will be made available to the state webmasters. Design work has also continued on the following Web design projects:


State of Maine

The Maine state Web portal will be undergoing development and added accessibility to information.In the immediate future, we intend to increase the photo gallery, rebuild the InforME pages, add a multiple-paged �Webmaster Galley�, and create an option for users to customize the site, among other basic editing updates.


Governor�s Virtual Office

A virtual tour of the Governor�s office is complete and is being reviewed by the Governor�s staff for approval. Once approved, it will be posted on the Governor�s site.


Office of Licensing and Registration

Our designer continues to populate the site with content. The development team has also successfully built an interactive renewal form that will enable licensed professionals to renew current licenses Online, and the credit card transaction program is under development. Site delivery is scheduled for June 9th, 2000.


The Department of Agriculture, Marketing and Production

The Web design is in its revision stage. This is a free service project due to the extensive search capability throughout the site. The expected launch is end of May.


The Department of Public Safety

The template prototype has been accepted. This enables us to begin design work with the Department bureaus.


The Department of Public Safety � Bureau of Drug Enforcement

Initial information gathering with the agency team has been held, followed by the project quote and its acceptance. Team will begin work on this piece.


The Department of Public Safety � E911

Initial information gathering with the agency team has been held, and the project quote delivered. The Bureau is still reviewing the quote.Navigation design work has begun.


Departments of Education and Human Services, Coordinated School Health Programs

This new site is dedicated to school health programs. It will cross agencies to act as a communication center for school districts, school boards, state employees, and youth involvement committees. Template mock-up is in its final revision stage.



We are reworking the InforME Web pages to be one with the State portal pages. Expected to be delivered by the end of the month.


Online Web course

We will be offering a six part, online course that state employees can complete at their convenience. Jari Feldt will be building and instructing the course. We intend to deliver the URL on May 19th.


Mary Herman

We met with Maine�s First Lady to discuss the creation of a new website, which will focus on the literacy initiative in Maine. This site will focus on education, information, and communication to promote literacy in Maine


Department of Professional and Financial Regulation

Initial meeting to begin design work with PFR has been scheduled.


Department of Human Services, Bureau of Health � WIC Program

Initial meeting to begin design work on a new website for the WIC program has been scheduled.




Tradeshow Exhibit

Our Nimlok Tradeshow exhibit has been designed and is ready to go.Literature, design panels, and animated drawing form have been designed.


NIC Contributions


In addition to the survey described at the last Board meeting, NIC corporate has developed several focus groups to study key e-government issues.Maine is actively involved in all focus groups, which include:

         Top Tier Application Streamlining � an initiative to verticalize the applications most in demand in our partner states.Maine�s Rapid Renewal project is laying the foundation for the pilot solution for vehicle registration.Maine is also first in line for the Web iVR product recently released by NIC Technologies. (Press release will be passed out at the Board meeting)

         Electronic Payments � nation-wide the concern over credit cards and other electronic payments is rising.Maine is heavily involved in this focus group, and I chair the subcommittee on ATM and Alternative Payments.

The focus groups are a great way to collaborate and get input to state issues.















Project Status







April, 2000









Month ending

YTD ending

























������������������������������� VARIANCE FROM PLAN






Revenue Contribution (Current Month)



���� BMV (Batch)



���� BMV (Special Request)



���� BMV (Interactive & other)



������������������������������������ IF&W and subscriptions



������������������������������������ Web Design






















































������������������������������� ����������������������������������












Approval of PFR SLA

Final draft is attached.


Financial Audit

Price Waterhouse Coopers has completed the 2000 financial audit for New England Interactive.Audit reports will be distributed at the Board Meeting





        Project Matrix

        PFR SLA





Respectfully Submitted,


Tamara Dukes

Network General Manager