TO:������������������������ INFORMATION RESOURCE OF MAINE (InforME) BOARD


DATE:������������������� June 21, 2000

RE:������������������������ MINUTES OF THE June 21, 2000 InforME BOARD MEETING



Secretary of State Dan A. Gwadosky, Chair of the Board

Deborah B. Carson, Financial Operations Officer, Judicial Branch

Richard Davies, Public Member

Tamara Dukes, President, New England Interactive (NEI)

Jaynie Higgins, Public Member

Rudolph Naples, Representative of Executive Branch Major Data Custodian

Marilyn Lutz, Maine Library Association

Linda Monica, Maine Trial Lawyers Association

Anne Schink, Maine League of Women Voters




Carrie Gott, Staff to InforME Board

Kara LaPierre, NIC guest speaker

John Rusinak, Staff to InforME Board

Todd Tolhurst, Staff to InforME Board

Val Wood, Bureau of Information Systems

Rebecca Wyke, Chief Deputy, Office of Secretary of State





Revenue has dropped off as anticipated with the Driver Privacy Protection Law. However, the decrease in revenue was expected and poses no real harm to InforME.



The new systems administration, Gary Kearney, will begin July 1st.

Ben Clark, programmer, has left InforME.

Considering subcontracting for development work. Identified ICST company, which was recommended by the Governor�s office and Bob Mayer. Other development options could come from NIC as well. If any board members have recommendations, InforME would be happy to hear from them.



InforME will be providing Stream Media to customers in the near future. The service allows users to view media files in �real time,� or almost immediately, rather than having to wait for a file to download. This is used for pre-recorded video. InforME anticipates a large interest from its State partners.





There are many new projects in the works. The focus will be shifting from free web development to fee. With the delivery of the Maine State site there has been an increase in interest for InforME web services.



InforME is holding an �epayment day� at the office in which three vendors will present their products. It should prove to be very productive and educational for all involved.





The credit card back-end has been completed and will be implemented into the Office of Licensing and Registration renewal form. IF&W will also become automatic with the credit card payment software.


The BMV fax-back box is being upgraded and brought to InforME by 6/23/00.


Research for alternative Internet Providers has identified two prospects. InforME will continue to work with Sprint to encourage this provider to improve current service. If Sprint is not able to deliver, then we will change.



FTP of UCC/Corp bulk data has been going smoothly, and customers are pleased with the service.


The FRS is under revision for CEC Interactive Corporate and UCC database services


Webmaster Galley web site launched and features technical help and resources, a bulletin board of updates, meeting times and agenda, and interactive forms.



Attached documents include Corp/UCC and mark pricing research


Proposing batch mark pricing to be set at the price of $300. $200 would be designated to InforME, and $100 to Secretary of State. The Secretary of State�s office has proposed and approves the $300 price. It is a very competitive price.


Linda Monica motions to adopt the SLA, schedule A

Unanimous vote approves the motion.




Kara LaPierre, Director of New Government Initiatives, from the National Information Consortium, speaks about national privacy issues.


Privacy and the Internet is one of the most important and debated topics surrounding eGovernment and eBusiness. Ms LaPierre covers the following topics in her presentation:

Public information must be reevaluated in the context of the Internet.


Epayment decisions are heavily dependent upon privacy issues. These are tightly woven issues because an individual state�s laws and policies dictate the Internet privacy laws and policies.


Kara recommends that all states have a privacy statement, and in fact Maine does and is only one of 20.


NIC will be working with Associations in Washington to determine how to promote privacy issues.


InforME does not involve itself in making these decisions. It is the responsibility of agencies to know and follow the policies of the State. InforME does not make recommendations or decisions.


Question: What about voting registration information?


Answer: The structure of the portal is very good. The database is not web enabled, but a path is created to pull certain data. Therefore the information is secure.


Question: What are the Digital Signature privacy issues?


Answer: So far, most Legislative groups have only spoken to corporate practices. But, this is changing. Government is becoming a focus. Maine is in good position because it has a privacy statement.


NIC has created a group that will be creating a standards document on e-payment security that will be implemented in NIC states.


Question: Is there a formalized decision process that agencies follow?

Answer: Agencies grapple with these privacy issues before InforME. These discussions continue naturally during development. Privacy is either legislatively determined or discussed in the design stage.InforME can add a formal privacy questionnaire in our agency workbook.


The Driver Privacy Protection Law went into effect June 1st, so that drivers must now opt-in to have their private info available to the public. Businesses are still entitled to information if exempt from this law (i.e. insurance brokers, transportation companies, law firms, etc). Essentially if you are a marketer you do not have access to the private information.


E-sign passed in Congress and President Clinton is expected to sign this to pass electronic signatures nation wide. Digital Signature statute passed in Maine.




Marketing plan and technical plan attached.

OLR demo given


Next meetings: