General Manager’s Report

August/September, 2000



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Project Updates

We are preparing to launch 3 new services including Rapid Renewal, Interactive Corporate Records, and Professional Licensing. The summer and the month of September have all been focused nearly entirely on delivering these services. With these, and the subsequent Violations application, we truly believe InforME’s service menu can compare favorably with any state in the country.

Best of the Web

The State of Maine portal was selected as an honorable mention recipient in this year’s Best of the Web awards. We’d like to thank each member of the Board for working so painstakingly with us on the development of the new page. Your attention to detail, grasp of the "big picture" and encouragement were invaluable in the process. We feel all who helped us develop the site can enjoy this notoriety.

Local Dedication

Although the execution of Rapid Renewal has taken longer than expected, we have been more than satisfied with the interactions we’ve had with the participating towns. Many of the towns had little Internet experience before joining the pilot; and others, while experienced, had delays and frustrations working with their electronic registration software vendors. Yet despite the hurdles, great progress has been made towards what will truly be a landmark success for government in Maine. The InforME team has visited pilot municipalities in the pilot to provide training as requested.

Electronic Checks

NEI has signed a contract with NPC to provide the Virtual Pay electronic check service to applications on InforME. The first implementation of the service will be Rapid Renewal. This payment option will be offered soon after the launch of the service. Electronic checks are far less expensive to process than credit cards and will be an excellent option for citizens and businesses in high dollar volume transactions such as business or property taxes.

Campground Reservations

The Governor has asked InforME to review and offer assistance in the revision of the online campground reservation system. The InforME team has met with the agency and plans to outsource the development of a proposal (target date of October 1st) to see if a viable solution can be reached before January 1st. InforME hopes to outsource the entire project so as not to impinge upon existing plans to execute services.



Web Design Projects

InforME will be generating three reports based on three customer surveys. Each survey targets a specific customer base. Our customers are State web portal visitors (, Agency partners, and eGov subscribers. This month we will be reporting on the level of satisfaction of the State web portal visitors. This report will be based on the portal feedback.

State of Maine web site

We are proud of the fact that InforME has received "honorable mention" from the Best of the Web competition. This means that the State of Maine portal is judged to be one of the six best websites in the Nation. Thanks to the InforME Board for the helpful feedback during the design stage.

We have changed the home page look to match the fall season.

The website portal customer satisfaction report is complete.

InforME web site

Projected launch for the new and improved InforME web pages is October 15th. We will be conducting a subscriber satisfaction survey to measure customer satisfaction with InforME eGov services and customer service after the site goes live.

Office of Licensing and Registration

Testing is complete.

Phase II, "find a licensed professional", discussions have been completed and project steps defined. Development will begin once phase I is complete.

Department of Professional and Financial Regulation

We have met with each of the four bureaus to discuss the template and to receive feedback for revisions. Revisions have been completed. We are waiting on further feedback from Department.

The Department of Public Safety — Bureau of Drug Enforcement

Initial information gathering with the agency team has been held, followed by the project quote and its acceptance. Team will begin work on this piece.

The Department of Public Safety — E911

The website has been built and content is being added. Once content is complete, we will conduct a series of tests to ensure ADA compliance, HTML check, link check, Meta tagging, and make all final revisions.

The Department of Public Safety — Fire Marshall

Initial information gathering with the agency team has been held. Team will gather information.

The Department of Public Safety–EMS

We have scheduled initial meeting to begin discussions with the Agency Team.

The Department of Public Safety —Emergency Medical Services

Have scheduled meeting to begin discussions.

Coordinated School Health Program (CSHP)

We presented the completed CSHP website to the program committee. Feedback was very positive. Website completion is waiting on content from various Departments.

Department of Human Services, Bureau of Health — WIC Program

Met with WIC program team to continue consultation phase.

Department of Accounts and Control

Waiting on Department team.

Department of Conservation

Website is in its final design phase before being given to the Department team to content fill.

Department of Conservation, Fall Foliage website

We have assisted with the design and photography of this website. This website is one of the most frequently visited sites on the State of Maine portal.

Department of Conservation, Parks.

Scheduled to meet with Bureau team to begin design discussions.

Department of Education, Facilities and Management

Initial meeting to discuss redesign completed. Agency team is gathering information.

Virtual Tour of the Blaine House

All day photography session has been temporarily postponed.

Maine Arts Commission

We have met with the Maine Arts Commission to discuss the redesign of their current website. The Commission team is completing the workbook.

Maine State Revenue Services

Offered free consultation on their website, and have continued to offer technical assistance with ADA Compliance and design theory.

Website training

We continue to offer on-site website maintenance training to Agencies upon request.



7/18/00 — Maine State Retirement System — informational

7/19/00 — Judicial Branch Administrative Team Retreat — presentation

8/8/00 — Dept of Marine Resources — looking to put lobster licenses online

8/10/00 — Legislative Branch — excellent meeting with both house and senate staff regarding bill status, site design, and overall InforME services.

8/16/00 — Jerry Dube U Maine Internet Service — discussion of connectivity options.

8/22/00 - State Webmaster Retreat — Wolf Park, Freeport — Guest speaker from LLBean discussing eCommerce and making the most of your website. Excellent presentation, rather sparsely attended.

8/23/00 — Blue Ribbon Commission on Internet Policy — presentation, update of InforME progress.

8/28/00 — Gary Nichols & Marilyn Lutz — discussion of InforME role in the Maine InfoNet initiative.

8/28/00 — BMV — discussion regarding next phase of Vanity Plate application

9/7/00 — Launch of new Kiosk in Bangor

9/12-14 — NIC Marketing Conference, Richmond, Virginia

9/18/00 — Clareon — Chris Bozek — new Maine company offering B2G electronic payment services.

9/19, 20 — Municipal training

9/21 — Assisted NIC in their presentation to Vermont







Technical Projects

  • We are well into the programming phase of the Rapid Renewal Project. This is easily our largest single programming effort to date. The in-house testing has proceeded steadily, though slowly, and has uncovered several issues that have been resolved along the way.
  • The Municipalities have been conducting their alpha testing (using ‘dummy’ records) the past few weeks. A high level of commitment and cooperation from most of the towns has maximized the effectiveness of this testing period.
  • We anticipate alpha testing to conclude shortly, whereupon the Municipality identified beta testers will join the effort. These individuals will renew their actual registrations online and will mark the final confirmation of the Service’s viability prior to official launch.


    Department of Conservation — Online Campground Reservation System

    Conducted another, more detailed information gathering session to determine the viability of developing and launching an improved web-based Campground Reservation System by the end of 2000. Essential action items have been identified and assigned. Should the viability study warrant, intensive discussions and project management efforts would ensue to support the aggressive schedule. An online system incorporating the System’s functionality requirements, guidelines and regulations will definitely empower the Department with a valuable tool yet will require some creative development and problem solving skills of all involved.

    Project Status



















    Demonstration — Interactive Corporate Service








    Respectfully Submitted,

    Tamara Dukes

    Network General Manager