TO:                         INFORMATION RESOURCE OF MAINE (InforME) BOARD


DATE:                    NOVEMBER 15, 2000

RE:                         MINUTES OF THE NOVEMBER 15, 2000 INFORME BOARD MEETING




Secretary of State Dan A. Gwadosky

John Eldridge (newly appointed representative from Maine Municipal Association)

Marilyn Lutz

Sam Levy

Janie Higgins

Richard Hinckley

Jeff Harmon

Deborah B. Carson

Richard Davies

Tamara Dukes

Linda Monica

Rudolph Naples

Anne Schink



Val Wood, Bureau of Information Services



Carrie Gott, InforME Staff

Scott Talcove, InforME Staff
Todd Tolhurst, InforME Staff

Rebecca Wyke, Chief Deputy, Office of Secretary of State



Chairman, Secretary of State Gwadosky, begins the meeting by welcoming all board members present. 





Office of Licensing and Registration, online professional licensing renewal application has been delivered.  Marketing campaign will begin with a press conference with the Governor, notices posted on application material, renewal literature, and a postcard mailing to a select board up for renewal, and possibly phone contacts.


Rapid Renewal: Beta testing is in its final stage before delivery to the ten pilot towns. Testing has successfully uncovered and fixed problems involving data discrepancy or transmission difficulties.  InforME and the State as a whole should be extremely excited by this service, as it is the first inter-branch eCommerce service in the country, and is anticipated to attract national recognition.


Corporate, UCC and Marks Interactive Records: In anticipation of a first quarter delivery of Corporate Interactive, Tamara has presented to the Maine Bankers Association, interviewed for a featured article written for the Community Bankers Association, and will present during the next Maine Trial Lawyers Association meeting.


IF&W Storefront: The online store will be launched December 1st, and will offer merchandise from clothing, books, mugs, videos and other items to be purchased with a credit card.  The shopping cart will be useable for future services, including the Maine State Museum online store.


Violations web and IVR payment:  The violations payment service is in prototype stage.


The InforME office space and staffing numbers are expanding. We will grow to 10 employees. (see current organizational chart included in packet) Currently hiring to fill three positions: site editor, programmer, and marketer for pipeline.


The first portal customer satisfaction report is complete, and we are within our satisfaction goal reach. Moreover, the report is very instructive in revealing areas for improvement. Portal improvements will be outlined in the 2001 technical report due out in January, 2001.


Board proposes marketing ideas for the portal: reach out to general/technical colleges that teach Internet use and ask them to feature the portal and in exchange we could donate instructional services. Reach out to the USM program, cyber seniors, to suggest they use the portal for classes.


Violations Bureau update: Board approval of this service is not necessary because the Judiciary and Legislative branches do not require such. However, there is a recommended fee update. 


Market research has been completed and it was discovered that a sliding scale payment is the most common and appropriate fee method. InforME has decided to pursue an Interactive Voice Response, with a telephony card implemented. This box will also serve as the BMV fax-back. This solution frees InforME from dependence upon a vendor to maintain the box.


Action of the Board


Revised Schedule A (SOS SLA)

53’ trailer 30-day temporary permits

Currently the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, commercial vehicles division, sells approximately 49,000 temporary permits per year. The total fee can be up to $15 for one permit, with $5 going to the Department of Transportation for highway maintenance purposes, $3 fax back fee going to the BMV staff, and a $7 Vital Check credit card fee to process the credit card.


This online permitting service would be completed by trucking companies electronically and offer a PDF permit or a faxback permit option. The recommended fee would be $3, and this would cover the costs of development and the faxback telephone call. The service would allow 1-10 permit requests for a $3 InforME fee. The update is on schedule A, explains total fee of $8, $5 to DOT and $3 to InforME.


Benefits: much less expensive, available 24 hours per day


Richard Davies moves to accept the service and suggested fee. Jeff Harmon seconds the motion. The Board approves unanimously.


Annual Report Update

The Annual Report is on schedule, and should be ready for distribution by the middle to end of January, 2001. 


Privacy Statement Adjustments

Old cookies/new cookies handout

Cookies: We use cookies for shopping cart applications. Cookies are stored temporarily on the users hard drive. We do not store any sensitive information on a cookie, such as a credit card number. We do not use cookies to track personal information.


Linda Monica: Not comfortable with the cookies statement as it is written. Would like to add more level of consumer comfort than the statement currently communicates.


Sam Levy: Add examples


InforME will adapt this statement to be a little more comforting. Once done, a copy will be sent to Linda Monica, Becky Wyke, Janet Waldron, and Lars Rydell for review.


The ISPB will then need to approve the revised cookie statement. We will continue to coordinate with ISPB to further discussions about privacy, security, and accessibility.




Nash Building

Wednesday, January 10th, at 1:00 p.m.

For next meeting’s agenda: Blue Ribbon Commission on Internet Policy